A Wider View

I had a long g-chat (Google’s version of Instant Messenger) with Shannon this morning. She’s currently in Thailand, which she says has been her favorite country, by far, along her trek.

I haven’t said much about Shannon’s trip lately. She’s had some amazing experiences and has taken some really good pictures. You know how I love to share pictures, right? So today, I’m going to share some of her pix.

That’s my girl, Shannon, happy to be in a picture with a cow.

Kanchanaburi 101

And what a nice cow, too. Shannon seems oblivious to the fact that she is squatting under a sign that says “toilet” in a land where squat toilets are likely the norm. Fortunately there’s also an arrow on the sign, pointing right. Or I’d be all, “OMG, she must be drunk. She forgot to drop her pants!”

The cow picture is nothing compared to this…

Kanchanaburi 077

Yes, the tiger is real.

And check this out…

Kanchanaburi 058

It was taken at Erawan National Park in Thailand.

I told Shannon I could have spent an entire day there just photographing the waterfalls. Check out some other people’s shots on Flickr.

There’s lots of gold in Thailand. Gold leaf, I think. But still, it’s gold.

Bangkok 091

The buddha above is just one example.

Bangkok 037

If you haven’t been following her and want to know the story, check out her blog. If you don’t feel like reading her blog, you should at least go flip through some of her pictures, which are organized in sets by location:

  1. Thailand
  2. India
  3. Dubai
  4. Egypt
  5. Istanbul
  6. Athens
  7. Prague
  8. Barcelona

She’s been taking lots of pictures.


Again, that’s my girl! I taught her well…


But I have never, ever looked that cool and intriguing.

3 Replies to “A Wider View”

  1. I don’t know what that cow-like thing that Shannon is pictured next to is, but it is not a cow 🙂

    (look at it’s feet)

  2. Aw, thanks for sharing some of my pictures! I don’t know if I look “cool and intriguing,” but I’ll go with it. 🙂

    Two things regarding the cow: I honestly never even saw the toilet sign, not even when I was going back through my pictures later. Clearly, I’m very detail oriented, lol. Also, it is definitely a cow. I don’t know why Dad said to look at it’s feet, but I figured if I wasn’t paying much attention to detail with other things, maybe I had no idea what cow feet were supposed to look like either. I did a google image search on cow feet and, besides the images of the variety that are to be eaten, all of the feet looked like the feet on the COW in my picture. Maybe I’m wrong?

  3. Shan –
    eh. You’re probably right. I was thinking that cows hooves were like horses – a solid hoof – not the split hoof seen in that picture.

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