My Fambly

By the time stick figure family decals became popular, my kids were pretty much grown.

My currently-living-at-home family.

Which is sad, because I really like these things. I wanted one, but was faced with the question, “Will the kids get pissed if they are not included? Will they say, ‘Aha, more proof that you love your pets more than us!'”

Why not include them? Because the kid stickers are little kids and our kids are big kids. It never crossed my mind that someone might offer stick figure teens. And I could have just added three big kid stickers, but then what about my son-in-law? He’d feel left out. And what about the three grandkids? And my granddog? That would mean one very long sticker, and my car just is not that wide.

I didn’t want to rock the canoe, so I resisted the urge to get one for my car. I bought one for Amy instead. So she could show the world her awesome little family. Then I realized I could add one to my blog. I just had to create one.

How? I googled “stick figure family” of course. That’s when I discovered this sticker. Funny, right? But then I realized, there are lots of people that HATE these decals.


Some folks think they are tacky. Others are afraid that advertising how many kids/pets you have is an open invitation for kidnapping. At least one believes people use the stickers to “keep up appearances.” You know, to show everyone they have a happy little stick figure family, when really their family is all dysfunctional and can’t afford pets. The list goes on. If you want to read all the crazy comments generated by one blog post, click on the link you just read right past. It’s quite entertaining.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can waste so much time and energy getting riled up over the silliest things. But then, I like the stickers.

I’d love to hear how my readers feel. Leave a comment. Go on, I dare you.

If you want to create a stick figure family of your own for your blog or web site, here’s the sticker generator I used.

5 Replies to “My Fambly”

  1. I think the stickers are cute and you are right even though you have a BIG Family I think you included the right family for your sticker.

  2. I never thought about it before, but I guess I’m indifferent to the stickers. Some people like them and some people don’t and it doesn’t really matter to me. BUT. I do like comment #2 by Jana on that other blog post. *That’s* a sticker I’d buy! 🙂

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