Not Such a Great Hunter

Those of you who have been following for a while will remember when Belle caught a squirrel in our backyard. That was almost a year ago. She hasn’t caught another one since, but not from lack of trying. She might catch another someday. She’s very fast. But being fast isn’t always enough.

Take K as an example. K is actually a little faster than Belle (she has longer legs). But I doubt K will ever catch a squirrel.

Here’s why… (your sound has to be turned on or you won’t “get” this at all)

We’ve been working on the squeaking thing. This video is actually a few weeks old. She’s gotten better. But she still squeaks.

And if she sees something out there to chase, she practically screams.

I guess it’s her way of saying, “I’m coming to get you nasty little critters that insist on invading my yard, eating all my birdseed and leaving little round poo pellets everywhere.”

She’d probably leave the poo pellets part off, though, because she, like every other dog we’ve ever had here, loves nothing more than sniffing out and eating squirrel poo.

Dogs can sure be gross.

3 Replies to “Not Such a Great Hunter”

  1. That is so funny! I never heard her do that before. It’s a happy squeak! I’m so impressed with the way she stays at the door until you tell her “free”.

  2. So funny!!! K’s whinning got both of my pups going – Tempest was upstairs with Tony, George was asleep with me

    We are working on the sit/stay before going out – Tempest can be a barger..

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