The Crazy Cat Lady

So, the other day I mentioned that I’d gone to Carol’s house and taken lots of cat pictures, right? I did take a ton of them. But I was practicing, trying to get the pics without flash. It was sort of darkish when I shot many of them, so I ended up with lots of blurry pics. But that’s why I took a lot. To make sure I’d get at least a couple of good ones.

I think I succeeded, too. But I’ll let you be the judge.

This is Daisy Mae.
Meet Rocky.
Ellie was the least cooperative. I never did get a very good shot of her.
This is Wolfie. Quality-wise, this is not a great shot. I like it anyway for his expression.

Daisy, Ellie, Rocky and Wolfie are siblings. Carol found them under her shed when they were days old. Their mother was run over by a car, so she bottle-fed and raised them. Initially, the plan was to maybe keep one of them. She already had two cats, Lily and Jesse, but she fell in love with those darn babies and just could not bring herself to give them up. That’s how she became The Crazy Cat Lady.

Jesse, Carol's "baby" (he's the oldest).

Jesse is actually the second cat Carol adopted. Tabitha, the first cat, stayed with her Mom when she moved out. She rescued Tabitha from her brother and sister-in-law, who were going to have the cat euthanized because she had a really bad case of fleas.

Meet Lily.

Lily is a stray that showed up outside of Carol’s house one day. She had a brother, Grady, who was so desperately ill, he had to be euthanized.

Cats tend to gravitate toward Carol. She just saved another, Jasper, who will be going to live with Carol’s niece. There was another feral cat who she fed and tried to tame, but he was beyond taming. Sadly, he was run over by a car.

I’m sure there will be more cats in Carol’s future. Which is nice, because there are a gazillion cats in shelters, roaming the streets, etc. It’s nice to know people like Carol are out there helping them.

Wolfie and Daisy, snuggling.

I just had to share this picture of Wolfie and Daisy. They were so cute all snuggled up on the couch together. You may notice Daisy is a bit, um, voluptuous. With 6 cats, it is next to impossible to regulate what each individual eats. All of the babies (Daisy, Ellie, Rocky and Wolfie) are a bit chubby. But that just means there are more of them to love.

If you’d like to see the rest of the pictures I salvaged from the many I shot of Carol’s cats, you’ll have to visit my Flickr site.

7 Replies to “The Crazy Cat Lady”

  1. Love Love Love the pics of Carol’s sweet babies!! You are really a good photographer. Through the years you have sometimes driven me crazy with that camera..Like while I was eating,paying for my things at the amish store and pulling over on the side of the road to get a good picture and I had to pee.But it has paid off you are good dear friend!! I love all the sky pictures too.
    Love Your Pal,

  2. Thanks, Trace! Will you ever leave the hotel in the wee morning hours to get “a few” farm pics with me again? LOL!

    I can’t wait to visit your farmette and take all sorts of critter pics.

  3. Awwww they are REALLY CUTE, if I do say so myself! My FUR BABIES!!! I still can’t believe you got a picture of Lily with her eyes open, way to go Mama! Love Ya

  4. As always, your photos and blog entries are a pleasure to view, read, ponder, mull over, and be mildly envious of (but in a really good way)!
    Whenever I need a break from the daily slog…I visit your site, and that of The Pioneer Lady…I think that’s her blog…(who I found thru you, as well) 🙂

  5. Wow, you did a great job capturing the kitties! 8 years ago we found our Lucky behind our house, he weighed 9 oz. We also bottle fed him, now he’s a fat, ornery little thing!

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