A Bit Strange

Things have been a bit weird lately. Actually, they’ve been a lot weird. Here are just a few examples…

A Weird Way of Saying Things

Four days ago, we had a blizzard. We had one in December, too. Now we’re having another. They haven’t officially called it a blizzard yet. But we’re supposed to get 10 to 20 inches of snow and it’s going to get really windy. You might as well call it Blizzard #3.

Saying it straight.

We only got about 27 inches of snow at our house in Maryland. In Romney, where we have our WV place, they got 33 inches of snow. That’s a mere six inches more than we got here. But it sure sounds like a lot more. Especially when you consider how many hilly, windy roads there are in Hampshire County.

There are fewer people, true. And not nearly as many suburban sidestreets. But three feet of snow is a lot to deal with. So I was not surprised to learn that roads there are still slick. They, too, are getting more snow today. What did surprise me was the way they reported on road conditions.

Seriously. Check out the small headline…

If you don’t have to go out, don’t. DOH.

That’s pretty funny. I posted this image from their Web site to prove that’s what they said. Maybe folks around here should heed that warning. If not, and they get stuck, just tell them, “Well, why’d you go out. DOH. There’s three feet of snow on the ground!”

They take directness one step farther by saying, essentially, now that outside contractors have been hired, the main roads are in pretty good shape. Way to show your highway workers love, dudes. DOH!

Pricing That Makes No Sense

A few months ago, I looked into the cost of a plane ticket to fly from our local airport (Baltimore Washington International) to Zurich, Switzerland then, 10 days later, on to Brussels, Belgium and a few days after that back to BWI. I checked fares for the same itinerary from Dulles Airport in Virginia. From Dulles, it was about $400 per ticket cheaper.

I wasn’t ready to buy the tickets back then, I was just checking.

Yesterday, I checked again. Now, for whatever reason, it’s cheaper to leave from BWI. Which is cool because we live like five minutes away from there.

Almost all of the flights from BWI have connecting flights in Philadelphia. It just so happens that Philadelphia isn’t that far away from here, so I thought maybe we could save a little more money by driving up to Philly and leaving from there.

I was wrong.

It would cost about $320 MORE, per ticket to fly out of Philadelphia. That makes absolutely no sense. We’d be eliminating an entire plane flight for two people and it would cost us $640 more dollars.

Just How Far Away is She?

If you have been following Shannon’s blog, you know she made it to Laos today. I’ve been keeping a map of Shannon’s travels. Today, after adding Laos, I zoomed out to see just how far away she has gotten. I do that periodically. When I zoomed out and moved the map toward the right so I could see Maryland, USA, this is what I saw…

How far away is Shannon?

After seeing that image, I got to thinking, “I wonder if she’s farther away heading east or west?” That’s what was weird.

Look what happened when I moved the map in the other direction…

How far away is Shannon?

I guess she really is halfway around the world. This isn’t as much weird and/or strange as it is just an odd coincidence.

There sure is a lot of water between us now.

Weird Weather

Yes, we’re back to that again. During lunchtime today, I took a quick stroll around the neighborhood for some between storm images. I want my followers to see what the world looks like three days after a 27-inch snowstorm. And then, what it looks like with another 10-20 inches of snow on top of that.

Our house.

That picture really doesn’t make it look too bad.

One of many snowpiles as tall as or taller than me.

But check this out. All along our street and the main street through our community, there are piles of snow as tall as or taller than me. And I am not a short girl.

I can’t wait to see how tall these piles are in a couple of days. The snow is supposed to stop tomorrow, but it will likely be a couple of days, AGAIN, before we can really go anywhere.

I still love the snow, though. Call me crazy if you must. I just do.

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  1. I just looked at the tracker map today, but I never thought to move it in the opposite direction – that’s crazy!

    The snow: I just am still in disbelief. I really can’t believe the amount of snow that has fallen this year. And have I said yet “. . .and I missed it!”?

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