A Significant Event

I woke up this morning, all excited, thinking I was going to see at least a foot of new snow.

I was disappointed. There was only about five inches of fresh white stuff, judging by what was on top of the poo can.

Things are changing, however. The storm is now officially a blizzard. My office actually closed. That doesn’t mean I get a snow day, which really sucks. But I will enjoy the snow nevertheless. It’s really picked up. I’ll have snow pics to share later. For now, you’ll just have to enjoy some new Meg images.

I like chocolate chip muffins.

She’s our chocaholic dog. This image of Meg just beyond my chocolate chip muffin shows her classic, “You’re going to give me some of that, right?” look.

Dogs may not speak, but they all have unique sign language and other ways of communicating. Meg has always been a growler. She doesn’t growl to say “I am going to eat you.” She growls when she is playing and when she is frustrated.

This video is a good example of both. Because Belle is so much faster than Meg, when the two are playing, Meg is easily frustrated.

Don’t let the growling and barking scare you. It does not mean she is going to attack. That’s just how Meg communicates.

Check back later for a blizzard update!

2 Replies to “A Significant Event”

  1. That is exactly what Tempest does to George….the growling is really feirce (George growls, she’s quiet) – other people get concerned at the growling but George is such a wimp (and a lover) – he would NEVER bite or hurt her or another dog

  2. When we first got Meg, and I heard her growling, it scared even me. She sounds like a Hellhound from The Omen. But then we realized that’s just how she communicates.

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