Blizzard #2 Aftermath

As promised, I have some day-after pics to share…

I e-mailed this IMPORTANT MESSAGE to my bosses. It didn't work.
Just after sunrise on February 11.
It's been an unbelievable winter.
The calm after the storm.

Now that's a big pile of snow.
Our neighbor's 8-foot icicle.
It was Hubby's turn to shovel.
This might look like pretty icicles, but it's really a roof leak waiting to happen.

The view from our upstairs bathroom.
Critter patrol. This scene was repeated quite often throughout the day. I think we have the only operational birfeeder for miles around.
Critter patrol is serious business. Belle nabbed this one.
Meg was content eating the birdseed.

If you’d like to see the entire collection of images from Blizzard #2,


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  1. I *definitely* would have given you the day off if I was your boss and that picture popped into my email!

    The view from the upstairs bathroom – what the? What’s happening there? The snow has to be piled on something because it can’t possibly reach the second story. . .right?!

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