Is That So?

Do you ever look at your dogs and wonder what they are thinking and/or saying? Sometimes their body language and various vocalizations are easier to figure out than others. Take my dogs as an example.

For those of you wondering why I post such riveting videos, it’s really so Belle and K’s foster families can see how well they are doing. Fostering dogs is tough, because you can easily get attached, but also very rewarding. I know foster families often wonder how their former charges are doing, and I believe they deserve to get good and frequent updates.

I’ll try to do a post with more mass appeal tomorrow…

3 Replies to “Is That So?”

  1. Belle is just like Tempest – the instigator……..George (after a while) just wants it to stop….. (but he can give as good as he gets from her)

    Funny how the snow sticks to Belle and not K – its the same with George (who looks like a drowned rat) and Tempest when they wrastle in the snow…

  2. Klondike did not like the sound of the girls barking! He came running upstairs to see who I brought in the house and then spent 10 minutes searching for where I put them 🙂

  3. Kathy, I LOVE this video! They are so funny and I’m glad they enjoy each others company so much. I do appreciate you updating me…it helps so much. I am praying I find homes for my fosters now just like yours!

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