Mystery Mountain

All that talk of travel yesterday got me thinking of mountains. Why mountains? Because I love mountains. Especially snowy ones like these.

Denali National Park (not Denali Mountain)
In the Denali Vicinity
Exit Glacier at Kenai Fjords National Park (note the people in the bottom left-hand corner)

The three images above were taken in Alaska. There are lots of snowy mountains there.

Mystery Mountain - Can You Guess Where This Is?

The “Mystery Mountain” is not in Alaska. And we did not actually fly there. I just thought it would be fun to pretend we flew there so I superimposed a shot of Hubby and I with an airplane onto the mountain shot.

Take a look without Hubby the airplane and me.

Mystery Mountain Without Props

Does that help make it look more familiar? No? Maybe a wider view will help…

Mt. Arundel

It’s Mt. Arundel! At about 20 feet (just over 6 meters) tall, it’s one of the taller peaks in the Arundel Mills Range. That particular mountain range is scattered throughout the parking lot of Arundel Mills Mall.

Yep, it’s a man-made snow mountain. It’s been almost 3 weeks since the last blizzard. The snow has been melting pretty quickly. But these giant snow piles will probably be around for a long time. They’re basically harmless in a mall parking lot.

Snow piles in the city are another story. Apparently, the trash collectors in Baltimore City are really having problems with them. You’ll have to watch this video to see for yourself.

Did I have you going with my mystery “mountain” pic?

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