Oh, How We Love the Snow

My dogs LOVE the snow. I love that they love the snow. As if you couldn’t tell by the gazillion snow dog pictures I post.

Seriously, I just love watching them play in the snow. Meg enjoys the snow at her own leisurely pace.

Meg burying her face in the snow.
Meg rolling in the snow.
Meg tunneling through the snow.

The younger dogs enjoy racing around the yard in the snow. Of course, they love racing around the yard in the grass, too.

K chasing Belle.
K and Belle wrastling.
K and Belle wrastling some more.
K and Belle wrastling still.

They play like this a lot. It’s much more entertaining when they are outside. When they’re indoors, it gets sort of noisy.

Wanna see something funny? Yeah? Well first, look at this.

Our cute little Belle.

Isn’t she cute? I mean, really, doesn’t she just have the cutest, most innocent looking little face?

Well, today I captured the funniest/scariest/weirdest picture of Belle ever. See for yourself…

Now THAT is scary.

While I was outside, I also captured this interesting image.


Later, I got a couple more sunset shots. The colors in both were enhanced using Photoshop Elements.

Sunset Sky
Another Sunset Sky

The weather folks are saying we might get another blizzard.

More snow dog pics to come if we do!

3 Replies to “Oh, How We Love the Snow”

  1. I love the Meg in the snow pictures, she’s adorable. That shot of Belle is totally creepy, lol. And the melting water shot is really great!

    1. Thanks, Melissa. I thought about using that for the YC Faces this week, since I didn’t get any people faces, but it was too strange and unsettling. (-:

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