The WV Place

We got word the other day that the road to our WV place and the driveway had been plowed. Since we were both anxious to see if all was well, we decided to drive up yesterday afternoon.

All is well, but boy is there a lot of snow. The snow at our Maryland home has been melting at a much faster rate.

Look at the size of the snow pile compared to K.
Deer trails!

K wondering if she can go off-trail.
This pine tree beside our driveway must have provided shelter for quite a few deer. Those are not dog tracks in the snow, they are deer tracks.

Inspecting the deer resting place.

Looking down our driveway from Turkey Hollow Road.

K testing the deer trail.
You can see where the deer dragged their feet trying to get over the snow bank.
K and Belle atop a snowbank.
K "helping" me blog.

I’m not really sure why, but K likes to spend a lot of time in my lap when we are here. I had just uploaded the above pictures when she jumped into my lap. So I made Hubby take a picture of us to add to this post. Yes, I have bed head. I am not showering until after I do some shoveling (there’s a lot that needs to be done).

I hope you enjoyed this morning’s pics. I’ll probably have more to add later. For now, it’s time to shovel.

5 Replies to “The WV Place”

  1. It was good Skyping with you guys, I’m glad we were able to do it! The dragging deer feet tracks are cool. And I think I spotted a “Kirkpatrick’s” sign under all that snow…is that new? Or have I just been completely blind to it before?

  2. Mawsie, I didn’t have to shovel after all. Mike did it. But all he really had to do was a path from the back door to the driveway.

    Shannon, that sign has been there for a while. We think it was added Spring of 2009, but we can’t remember for sure. There’s always been a sign there, just not with those reflective letters.

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