All About the Dogs

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this past weekend. Sunny and in the 80s. Unreal for early April. But we’ll take it!

Hubby and I covered just under 300 miles on our motorcycles on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the longest riding day.

I don’t have any pictures to share because riding a motorcycle requires two hands and full concentration. Besides, while the weather was gorgeous, for the most part things are still pretty brown. In the higher elevations of Western MD and PA that we rode through, there’s still some snow in spots. There are lots of trees and flowers in bloom, but they’re sort of confined to peoples’ yards.

Since I didn’t get pictures of our ride, I’ll share a bunch of pics I got of the dogs this weekend.

First up, K…

Her face is much more expressive when we’re at the WV place. Like all of the other dogs who have ever lived there with us or visited, she LOVES it. It’s quickly become her favorite place in the world, too.

Coon Dog 1

For whatever reason, Belle was obsessed with her stuffed raccoon this weekend.

Coon Dog 2
Coon Dog 3 (take note of that pretty, white fur)

She carried that coon on pretty much all of our walks. It waited at the end of our driveway as we explored beyond that point. But she always picked it back up on the way home.

Speaking of walks… since we left the dogs home alone all day on Saturday, I took them on an extra-long walk when we returned.

"Are you coming, Mama?" (notice Belle still has the raccoon?)

All of the girls get very excited when they realize we’re going down the hill. K was excited, but after I abandoned her earlier in the day, she wanted to make sure I was coming along. She is quite the Mama’s girl.

Meg After the Walk
K After the Walk
Belle After the Walk

Sorry for the blurry shot of Belle, but she runs everywhere she goes when we’re off exploring. So getting clear shots of her can sometimes be challenging.

Speaking of Belle… all of the girls enjoyed the long walk, but I think Belle enjoyed it the most. She was in rare form, too. She gets that way periodically. What I mean by rare form in this case is running through a swampy ditch like a crazy dog. I think she likes the way it sounds as she splashes through the water. She runs as fast as she can in one direction, then stops, turns around, and runs as fast as she can in the other direction. It’s quite comical to watch. It’s almost like she downed about 15 cups of coffee and has all this energy to burn off NOW. She’s done it in the little wet-weather stream at the end of our driveway before, too.

The only problem with the swampy ditch is the way she looked when she was done.

So Much For That Pretty Liver-and-White Princess

She looks a bit like K there doesn’t she?

I could make her stay away from the swampy ditch, but she was obviously having such a blast. Besides, once she dries she doesn’t look nearly as bad. (NOTE: I do have more pics, but they’re not very good. They do, however, give you an idea of how goofy she looked running around . Even K thought she was weird! CLICK HERE if you want to see the rest of Belle’s Swamp Dog pics.)

Our walk tired all of the girls out.

Later in the Day, After She'd Dried
Meg Catching Her Breath After the Walk
K Was Catching Her Breath With Meg, Too

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  1. I didn’t know K could curl her tongue, lol!
    These are such great pictures. Belle is really a funny girl with her baby.

  2. One of these days I’ll have to do a special post about Belle and her WV toys. I didn’t even think about the curled tongue. I wonder if dogs are like people in that some can curl their tongues and some can’t…

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