On Getting a Tune Up

Five years ago, our WV place looked quite a bit different. Of course, in late 2004 when we bought the place it was just another patch of woods. It wasn’t until late-May of 2005 that the land was cleared. Over the next four years, we spent many weekends here working. We did most of the work ourselves, with a little help from family and friends.

One thing we did not do was clear the land. In fact, we hired a local excavator to clear the site, fashion us a serviceable driveway and install the septic system.

And you know what? He did a fabulous job.

So fabulous, in fact, that the “serviceable” driveway only last year was showing signs of wear. It was mainly water ruts, which are not uncommon when you have a gravel driveway going down a relatively steep hill.

Now that five years have passed, we figured it was time to get the driveway touched up a bit. We also wanted some gravel spread around the house and some slight leveling and back-filling. While he was here, we figured we’d get him to install a gate. And since the bulldozer would be here on site, I asked him to make my fire pit wider, too.

Here’s what the place looks like now… (click on each thumbnail image for a better view)

It’s sure come a long way in five years. Now, when we come here, we’re not coming to a construction site, we’re coming home.

I’m not sure who like it here most, the people or the dogs. But it is safe to say we all really enjoy our little place in the woods. We’re all looking forward to warmer weather when friends and family will come to visit and enjoy our little piece of Heaven, too.