The Call of the Toad

I get excited each the Spring when the Spring Peepers start their chirping. Not because they are frogs, but because that’s when you know warmer weather is on its way. Tonight, I heard my first toad. 🙂

When the toads start calling, you know Spring is really here.

My Favorite Toad Pic

No, I did not run right outside and snap a picture of the singing toad I heard. This image is from quite a few years ago. It’s one of my favorite toad captures.

Speaking of toad captures, I can’t forget all the toad sex shots…

Making More Toads for My Pond

When I had a backyard pond, it was a pretty popular toad hangout. Once when I went out there, there were FIVE toad couples going at it. Five. I kid you not.

Green Frogs

There were even a couple of Green Frogs hanging out for a while. They were pretty shy and never let me get very close. Green Frogs are not quite as big as Bullfrogs, but they’re way bigger than toads and Pickerel Frogs.

Pickerel Frog or Leopard Frog

I just had to share my favorite frog picture, too. I am pretty sure this is a Pickerel Frog. It could be a Leopard Frog, too. They’re hard to tell apart. And they’re way too fast to get a very close look.

Since I no longer have a pond, there aren’t as many frogs around. But there are still lots of toads.

Are you wondering how I know what a toad sounds like?

Back when we had a pond, I’d hear different noises and wonder what they were. So I’d go investigate. Toads are LOUD, hence they were pretty easy to find. Of course, there are also Internet sites where you can find frog and toad sounds. For inquiring minds and all.

If you have an inquiring mind, too, check these out:

Gray Treefrog

I’ll have a pond again one day. But it will be much bigger than the one I had (pictured below).

My Original Pond

Larger ponds are actually easier to maintain. I could go all into the reasons for that, but I’m guessing you probably care about that as much as you care about what different frogs and toads sound like.

I simply cannot end this post without a picture of a bullfrog.


Hubby thinks my interest in critters is stupid, but he usually humors me and does stuff like hold this immature Bullfrog so I can get a good photo. I’m pretty sure this is the one I found in a parking lot one night after a soccer game. I caught it, threw it in my trunk, and brought it home.

Bullfrogs are quite large. Here’s another frog fan’s photo that shows a Bullfrog at the bottom of a cat litter pail, which should give you a better idea as to how big they are. Another of her pics shows her holding a full-grown Bullfrog.

When most people think of frog sounds, they think of the Bullfrog. They also think of these famous Bullfrogs.

Although, really, most people probably don’t ever think of frog sounds.

I’ll try to find something more interesting for my next post.

If there’s ever anything you’ve seen here or heard me mention you’d like to know more about, just let me know. Coming up with new and interesting material isn’t always a hop in the park.

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  1. There are TONS of geckos in Thailand and some of them are pretty big. The big ones make a really loud noise that kind of makes me giggle every time I hear it because it almost sounds like the lizard is saying it’s name. I don’t have time to google gecko sounds, but it’s probably out there some where. 🙂

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