I’ve taken on a side project lately that I hope may one day become more than a side project. I may or may not tell y’all about it one day. Don’t worry, it’s nothing Earth-shattering, super-exciting, or anything most of you would care about anyway. That side project, however, requires images. And if there’s anything I have lots of, it’s images. Right? You know, pictures.

Hubby makes fun of me because I have this horrible habit of NOT deleting the shots I don’t want. Because I might want and/or need them one day.

I am a digital image HOARDER. Gasp!


There’s this one image I edited recently that I just love. I don’t know why. You may not even like it. In fact, you might hate it. But I like it.

I took this ordinary picture of Hubby’s grandfather’s outhouse…

Pop Hallock's Outhouse (straight out of camera (SOOC), i.e., unedited)

And I turned it into a photo with a vintage look. Except I left the outhouse red…

Pop Hallock's Outhouse with a Vintage Look

Which of these images do you prefer? The SOOC shot or the one with the vintage look? Here they are side-by-side to make it easier on you.

SOOC or Vintage? You be the judge.

Really, I’d love to know what you think.

8 Replies to “Dabbling”

  1. I like the Vintage look as that is what I think an outhouse should look like, as in these days I consider it outdated.

  2. The shot is fabulous, I like the vintage better though.. it’s like a step back in time. I remember having to use an outhouse on Great grammas farm down in KY before they got indoor plumbing and when they used an old clawfoot tub as a water trough.

  3. Damn, I can’t decide. First I thought SOOC, then I thought vintage. And now? I’m back to SOOC? I guess it’s safe to say I like both, but probably leaning more toward SOOC.

  4. Melissa, if you liked using an outhouse, you’d love the squat toilets that are the norm throughout SE Asia. Well, I guess you didn’t say you liked it exactly, but now you have an idea of what a squat toilet is like. 🙂

  5. I never liked using an outhouse, but there is something rustic and charming about them. Because I tend to remember REALLY weird stuff, I remember the last time I had to use this outhouse, about 20 years ago. It was cold, and breezy, and as I piddled that green, plastic, ridged top you see was really flapping in the wind. I could see daylight, it was that windy/flappy!

  6. I prefer the vintage, although I would consider desaturating the door just a bit. Love the vignette on the edit.

    1. Thanks, Jess. I was actually thinking the door might be too red, but then I went with it. The vignette is a Pioneer Woman action for PS Elements. If you use Elements, you should look into the free action sets. They’re cool.

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