Happy Mother’s Day

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about how I was going to do a Mother’s Day post, what I’d say, etc. Oddly, the dogs let me sleep until 8:15! Hubby must have told them it was Mother’s Day and that they should “let Mama sleep in.” (Only the dogs call me “Mama.” I’m “Mom” to the human kids.)

When I logged on to the Internet (Google is my homepage), I saw that Amy had a Blog post I had to read. Of course, I got all teary-eyed at that one.

Then I saw that Shannon had a blog post, too. I got all teary-eyed there, too, not because the post was super-mushy or anything, but because I miss her.

Then Hubby got out of bed and gave me the card Amy had mailed and he intercepted. Yep… teary-eyed again.


So I STILL haven’t managed a post for my Moms. That’s plural because I am lucky enough to have two Moms. A Mom that gave birth to me and a Mom I inherited when I married Hubby. She’s not the mean, vindictive, stereotypical, you’re-not-good-enough-for-my-son kind of Mom.

I started looking through old Blog posts for pictures and I discovered I actually have a sort of recent shot with both Moms in it. Handy, eh?

My Mom is on the far left and my mother-in-law is in the white shirt.

Here’s another picture of my Mom, which I posted on her last birthday.

My Mom, Doris Reichard.

And one of my mother-in-law from her last birthday.

My mother-in-law, Dena Jeanne Murphy.

Now that everyone knows who you are and what you both look like… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

Thank you both for all that you do and for being such good Moms. I’m lucky to have both of you.

For about a nanosecond, I contemplated posting pics of all the other Moms I know, but I knew I’d end up leaving someone out. So I’ll just say, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms I know.

The job is a tough one at times, especially when they are young and you really have to be a parent, but it gets much easier and much more rewarding with age.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

5 Replies to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you also. Thanks for all of your support and understanding these last 18 years and everything that you do for me. I am very proud of you and everything you do for your yourself and your families. I am not excluding the early years, just the last 18 years have been difficult years.
    Hope you day goes well and that was very nice that Mike talked to the dogs to let you sleep in. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Mom.

    Hear that everyone? The first 25 years of my life were easy. I was an EASY child. And y’all probably thought I was a crazy hellion that got in a lot of trouble all of the time and liked to beat people up…

  3. Actually she was a Tom Boy and you all know how that goes. One day I could had killed her. We went to the neighborhood post office and she didn’t want to go instead so I left her wait on the steps, she must have gotten bored because when I was finished she was gone. I looked high and low couldn’t find her. I was headed for the house to call the police and when I got to the porch there she was sitting. Needless to say I was so happy to see her, I didn’t scold her too much. The first 25 years were not peaches and roses like she is painting, so watch out!

  4. Boy! I could tell some stories on her. Gee whiz it is Mother’s Day so I will behave myself.

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