Two Out of Three

I headed north to watch Brianna play lacrosse again last night.

Action Shot

Unlike the last game, when I went by myself to pick her up, Amy and the boys were there, too. Which was good and bad. Good because it’s always nice to see Amy and the boys, too. Bad because Amy and I alternated between chatting and watching Joey entertain himself with a unique tug of war game and THAT means I didn’t concentrate on taking pictures.

Celebrating a Teammate's Goal

So even though the light was better AND I had the better camera with me, I didn’t get many good Brianna LAX shots. I did get a few really cute Joey pictures, though.

This black and white image might be my favorite.

Pull, Joe. Pull!

He was having quite a good time.

There were quite a few giggles to be heard.

Are you wondering yet what he was pulling on?

It’s sort of like that scene from Where the Wild Things Are (the book!) where Max has something on the end of a rope, but you can’t see what it is.

I'm not sure who was more entertained, Joey, the dog, or Amy and me.

Gaige was there, too, but he had a bad day at school and was being punished. So, no pics of Gaige in this post.

That means I can only share pics of two out of three grandkids. I’ll try to capture some shots of Gaige next time.

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