Bad But Funny Behavior

Who, me?

Those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile know that K, the newest addition to our family, can be rather vocal at times.

Don’t get me wrong, we love her dearly. She just does weird and sometimes pretty funny stuff.

Remember K’s Wake Up Call? How about the curious way she squeaks at the door?

It’s odd, I tell you. She’s also a bit of a goof.

The other day she did something that made Hubby and I both chuckle.

It was lunchtime. I was on a teleconference and Hubby, who’d just made himself a couple of tacos using leftovers from the previous evening, was in his office eating.

About mid-call, K started whining. Every now and then she’d bark, too. Whine. Bark. Whine. Whine. BARK!

Finally, Hubby got up to see what was going on. I heard him saying “bad dog!” and “go lay down.” I was wondering what the deal was because it’s usually Meg who get’s the “bad dog” bit. But it was definitely K who’d been making the noise. (Yes, us dog owners recognize our dogs’ voices.)

After my meeting, I asked Hubby what had happened.

He’d left all of his taco fixings spread out on the counter while he was eating. Having lived with Meg-the-delinquent for many years, we know enough to never, ever leave food close to the edge. The second no one is watching, she’ll sneak in and steal the stuff in a heartbeat.

When Hubby came out of his office, he saw K in the kitchen with her front feet on the edge of the counter stretching her neck as far as she could to reach those tacos. They were just out of range.

She could smell them. And she could see them. But she couldn’t reach them. And she was getting pissed. Hence the whining/barking.

THAT is why she got the bad dog bit.

4 Replies to “Bad But Funny Behavior”

  1. Jess, the only reason she didn’t get up there was because she couldn’t reach. She was trying really hard, but it was out of range. That’s why she was frustrated.

  2. Yeah, I’d definitely whine and bark if there were tacos just out of my reach so I can’t blame K. Especially when it makes such a cute, endearing story.

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