Oh, Ow!

Just two days after I captured this image of my super-cute grandson, Joey, he fell and hit his head while at daycare.

On the sidewalk.

Knowing Joey, he was probably moving at a pretty good clip at the time.

Joey Before the Fall

Check out this poor boy’s forehead…

One Bruise + Road Rash = One Humongous-looking Bruise

I am SOOOOOOO glad this didn’t happen when he was in my care. I would have freaked. Those daycare people are used to this sort of kid accident. Not me. I’m still a Rookie Grandma!

Amy says it looks far worse than it actually is because of the road rash. That is not only her opinion, that’s also what the ER folks said.

Speaking of Amy, she says she’s used to getting calls from daycare while she’s at work reporting that Joey has had one little accident or another. You know, just to give her the heads up (no pun intended). So when they called to report the fall and told her she needed to come, even she was a bit freaked.

Crazy stuff like this always seems to happen when her Army Husband is away. He’s been deployed for about 2 weeks now, so she was due…

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  1. Oh NO! That does look dreadful. And yes, I feel for my daughters-in-law because everything does seem to happy when my sons are deployed. I’m glad little Joey’s okay though because he’s so CUTE; but, oh my, that really looks painful and sore.

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