Our Football Experience

Sadly, our time in Europe is winding down. But we’re still having a fabulous time.

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On Monday, Hubby and I took a train from Zurich to Bern. We spent the day strolling around this very beautiful, Medieval city. It’s really interesting to just roam around and look at all of the old buildings in places such as Bern. I’ll have lots of pics to share soon.

But what was really cool was getting to experience a little bit of the World Cup vibe. For all of my American fans not in the know, the FIFA World Cup football (aka soccer) matches are underway. The 2010 World Cup games are being played in South Africa. There’s some sort of traditional South African horn that fans have been blowing incessantly, which means during every game there is a continuous buzzing undertone.

Anyway, while strolling through Bern, we happened upon this small street lined with outdoor cafes.

Cafes in Bern, Switzerland

Many of the cafes had big screen TVs sitting outside so football fans could watch the match. Cafes with TVs were full of customers. Cafes without TVs were EMPTY. All we could hear while walking up the street was that incessant buzzing. There was also a very loud, collective sigh as a shot on goal was missed. It was pretty cool.

Yesterday (Wednesday) would have been a VERY fun day in Switzerland when the Swiss team upset Spain. Folks here in Belgium are still watching the World Cup (we ARE in Europe), but since Belgium isn’t playing, it’s not quite as intense. There was, however, a very big large screen television in one of the town squares in Gent yesterday, which slowly but surely filled up with football fans.

We didn’t stop to watch. We were too busy touring yet another gorgeous and old city with Annelies and Yves. Hubby and I will never get tired of looking at all of the very interesting old buildings in these lovely European cities, especially the cathedrals. And the castles. Yesterday we toured the coolest castle EVER.

More on that when we get home. For now, I need to go get ready. We’re off to Luxembourg City for the day. We’ll be spending the night there, too. Today is the day we’ll be seeing some of the area’s WWII cemeteries. The weather looks quite promising, so I should get some good pictures today, too.

I will share them one day, I promise.

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  1. Not sure if you know, but due to the loudness of the horns (the vuvuzelas) all TV companies had to look for other types of microphones, because the noise was just too loud! I thinkt hey all ended up using older mikes, which apparently are less sensitive. That’s progress for you. 🙂

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