8 – 9 – 10

So, I didn’t realize until this afternoon, while reading someone else’s blog, that today is 8 – 9 – 10. That’s August 9, 2010 for those of you who are a bit slower on the uptake.

Anyway… just so you know, when I started yesterday’s post, my intention was to tell you about something that made me quite happy. That’s why I started off with a big ole smiley face. And then Hubby told me about this mean trick he was going to play on his Mom. Which, by the way, is related to the thing that made me happy.

Shannon with fireman statue in San Francisco.

Shannon, who has been traveling the world since October 2009 and wasn’t supposed to come back to the United States until October 2010 took this picture especially for me. If you follow THIS LINK you’ll see the whole picture and will understand why she is laughing. (In addition to the fact that she’s standing beside a weird statue, which she knows is just the sort of thing I enjoy being photographed with.)

It was taken in San Francisco about a week ago. As in California. You know, IN the United States.

Turns out, she decided to come home early and surprise us. Which is good and bad.  Good because it was the best surprise we’d had in a long time. Bad because we made a last-minute decision to spend last week at the WV place. She got home on Tuesday. We didn’t get home until Saturday night.

So, although we were supposed to be the first people to be surprised at her early return, we ended up being the last. She got to spend a few days with Amy and the kids. And she got to surprise my mother-in-law, too.

Hubby thought it would be funny to make his Mom believe we didn’t know Shannon was home. So when she called our house on Sunday and asked him, “How’s your heart?” He acted all dumb and said, “What?” Then she said something like, “Didn’t you get a bit of a start yesterday?” He still acted like he didn’t know what she was talking about. And he made it worse later when he went to her house to get some peaches she’d picked for him and told her he wasn’t going back home, he was going back to the WV place where I had supper waiting. (I was in Maryland, NOT West Virginia.)

I told him he was being mean. It was sort of funny, but it’s never nice to play practical jokes on your Mom for gosh sakes. Especially when your Mom is as sweet as his mother.

That’s why I couldn’t tell you that my “Oh, happy day” referred to Shannon’s return, NOT the end of my brief hiatus.

Speaking of that little break… it was nice getting so many comments and e-mails telling me I’d be missed. I didn’t know I had so many regular readers that actually look forward to my posts.

I may not post as frequently, or with such detail, but I’ll try to be somewhat regular.

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  1. As soon as I saw Shannon with the fireman, I thought of you with your statues in Europe. Like mother like daughter. So happy for you that your young’un is back in the fold!

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