Playing Catch-up

At the end of my last post, I told y’all I’d be in Pennsylvania for a few days. I left on Monday and got back around midnight on Thursday. It would’ve been earlier, except I stopped at Amy’s to help shuttle kids from sports practice and celebrate our August TTT (the first official one since Shannon got back).

Friday afternoon, Amy dropped the kids at our house and went off to Pittsburgh for the weekend for some military-related conference. It’s been an exhausting but fun weekend.

Here are a few pics captured over the last six days…

Here I am with a few of my co-workers on Tuesday night.

To truly appreciate the next shot, you need a bit of back story. Hubby knew I had a bunch of work to get done on Friday. So after he took Amy to the airport, he took all three kids to the pool. All by himself. They didn’t get back until just before 5:00 PM. Since Joey missed his afternoon nap, he fell asleep with Hubby on the recliner. He woke up in time for snack and, since he’d already napped, he didn’t think he needed to go to bed.

This boy makes the funniest “I’m REALLY mad now” faces I have ever seen. He still says “my” instead of “I” when speaking about himself.

"My not want to go to bed."

On Saturday, we had to get Gaige to a football scrimmage game and Brianna to her soccer opening day celebration.

Joey and Pop driving a pretend car.

Hubby did a great job keeping Joey busy while Gaige played his game.

Runaway Pop.

Speaking of Gaige… look at the size of the helmet this little guy has to wear. I bet it weighs about 25% of his body weight.

Gaige in his scrimmage uniform.
Look at the size of that helmet.

Most of Brianna’s morning was spent standing around waiting for team photos. I didn’t get many shots of her on Saturday.

Brianna having her face painted at the opening day shindig.

Sunday was really Brianna’s big day. I had to drop her off at an end-of-summer camp for kids with deployed parents. Gaige and Joey are too young to attend. She was SUPER excited.

Brianna in her bunk.

I told her I had to take plenty of pics to show Mommy the drop-off because I know Amy was not happy to have missed it.

Brianna the happy camper.

The thing that amazed me was the kid was not even the slightest bit nervous or apprehensive. Here you have a nine-year-old girl who has never been to sleepaway camp and doesn’t know if she’ll know anyone there. That’s just her personality, though. She’s a very friendly and outgoing kid.

The boys in our backyard.

When I got back to the house, Gaige, Joey and I tossed the football around a bit. Gaige was a bit surprised that I know how to throw a football. How many grannies do you know who can do that?  🙂

Hubby and Joey relaxing in front of the TV.

We fed the boys dinner then got them bathed and ready for bed. Amy’s flight, which was supposed to arrive at 6:40, was delayed until 10:05. Hubby actually just left to pick her up at the airport. They’ll either all spend the night here or she’ll wake them and drive them home tonight.

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  1. Great shots, especially the last one with Joe and what looks to be his big belly. It’s funny that even though I was around all weekend, I still missed pretty much everything you blogged about.

  2. Great post with lots of wonderful pictures. I’m not so surprised at Brianna’s enthusiasm for a brand new experience. Isn’t she the one that went on a very long bike ride with you one day?
    Your group picture was good too. What a lot of attractive, professional looking women!
    Aren’t grandchildren the best! They can keep you really busy in a fun way for a few days and then they go home and you you a nice break! Yours are all really beautiful!

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