There are a couple of things I really enjoying doing in my spare time. Ok, maybe a few things.

Exploring in nature, riding my motorcycle and taking pictures. So it was really quite odd where a certain milestone occurred last weekend.

Before setting out from the WV place, I notice the odometer on my bike read 9,900. That meant I’d hit 10,000 miles somewhere during the ride home. As I rode, watching the miles roll by, I thought how cool it would be if that 10,000 occurred at some place worth photographing. I doubted that it would, but it was fun to consider.

Imagine my surprise when it did actually happen at an oddly coincidental spot.

One of the things I fantasize about is hiking on the Appalachian Trail (AT). Not the whole 2,000+ miles. That would be crazy. But at least pieces of it.

So how weird is it that my bike hit 10,000 at the exact spot on South Mountain outside of Boonsboro, Maryland where Alt-40 crosses the AT?

South Mountain AT Crossing

Here’s my bike by the AT sign.

My bike hit 10,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

Not super-exciting, I admit. But interesting.

Here are two more interesting shots to finish out this post…

Another happy coincidence.
Our own personal pot of gold.

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