Soccer Saturday

Hubby and I each had some things planned for this weekend so we did not go to the WV place. The weather was probably perfect for motorcycling and there aren’t many weekends left, BUT I have planned a week-long excursion for us (coming soon) through the southern part of West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky that should top off our season nicely.


Gaige at football practice last week.

Hubby had to drive up to Central Pennsylvania on Saturday to get some things. I stayed home to take care of some stuff I had to do. One of the things on my agenda was kid sporting events.

I was hoping to get to Gaige’s football game AND Brianna’s soccer game, but the 8:00 AM football game didn’t happen. I would’ve had to leave my house at 7:15 (the time Amy had to have Gaige at the field). I had some other things to get finished before my road trip, so I skipped that one. I did make it to Brianna’s soccer game though.

Apparently, things have finally clicked for Brianna, who will be 10 in December. Not only did she seem to be more aware of what was happening on both ends of the field, she was running with gusto. It was a sight to see.

I’ll show you some action shots later. First, here’s one of my favorites.

Brianna Hamming It Up for Me

This was very early in the game. Brianna was playing fullback (defense) and her best friend Brooke was nearby in goal. Now, I could not hear what she was saying to Brooke, but I’m guessing it was probably one of two things…

“Oh, cool. G is here taking pictures of me.”


“See? I told you if she came she’d take pictures the whole time. How embarrassing!”

I think it was the former, but who knows?

Now that is concentration.

As you can see, the weather was perfect.

Organized Chaos

This is my favorite action shot. Brianna was on offense at the time and the ball was headed toward the right side of the image. Seconds before this was snapped, the other team cleared the ball back toward their end of the field, which is why Brianna appears to be contorting herself in two different directions.

Brianna and the competition sizing things up.

I love the looks on their faces here. How intense! This is a 10 and under team, too.

Brianna on the Attack

I was quite impressed at the level of skill I was seeing. And quite disgusted with some idiot on the sideline who kept yelling at the ref. Said idiot obviously did NOT know what he was talking about.

A Determined Brianna

She is like a totally different kid, I tell you. From where she was last time I saw her play. This kid is obviously into the game.

Are you wondering where her brothers were while Brianna was playing?

The boys did a fine job of entertaining themselves.

They were off playing American football, of course. Click on the above image to see a larger view. I absolutely love the expressions I caught on their faces. Gaige playfully running from a laughing-but-determined Joe.

Game Over

Brianna’s team won. I think the score was 3-0. But it may have been 4-0.

There are quite a few more pictures from the game on my Flickr site. I posted them there for her parents to see, but you can feel free to have a look if you want, too.