The Furkids

It’s been awhile since I did a post all about the dogs. And since I know some of my readers could care less about photography and other miscellaneous stuff that appears here, I figured it was time. So here goes…

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Morning Stroll

All of the dogs enjoy our morning stroll. Actually, it’s because of the dogs that I do the whole early morning stroll thing. Do I take walks when the dogs aren’t around? Yep! Do I do it at the crack of dawn? Nope!

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Happy to Be Alive

This is not technically a great picture since there’s grass obscuring her face a bit, but I love the expression on Belle’s face here. You can see how happy she is to be running around freely.

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K's Bench

Every single dog that we’ve ever had come live with us either as fosters or full-time family members has had some sort of unique trait. One of K’s is how she likes to sit on stuff. He favorite spot at the MD house is on our back steps watching the birds. She prefer steps, I think, because her legs are so long that sitting in a regular position makes her back very straight. So this is sort of like K’s equivalent to slouching in a chair.

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Basking in the Sun
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K Snoozing

These next three shots require some explanation. First, there’s Meg waiting for us to return.

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Where've You Been?

She often follows her own lead when walking through the woods and sometimes beats me back to the house.

Belle's Crazy Streak

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Belle just found some crack in the woods. But I do know better. This is just one of Belle’s personality traits. Every now and then she likes to run around in a frenzy just for the sheer joy of it. She especially loves running and splashing through shallow streams of water. And tall grass. She also gets a huge kick, apparently, out of doing circles around the other dogs. At full speed. And full speed for Belle is quite fast. (Click on the above image for a larger view and you’ll see her feet are not even touching the ground.) There were clouds of dirt and gravel flying as she barreled around the other two dogs in the driveway. All they could do was watch in confusion.

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This shot was taken just after one of their wrestling matches. They were taking a breather…

I’ll close with this image of Meg and K “helping” Hubby fix dinner.

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Apprentice Chefs?

For the record… Meg cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted alone with food on a grill. Belle is perfectly content to sit next to the grill as stuff cooks. I don’t think she’d steal anything, but one never knows. K might take food if the mood strikes her. But I still trust her more than Meg. Because Meg is sneaky. She knows how to time her misdeeds when Hubby and I are not watching.

Can you trust your dogs to be left alone with a grill full of food?

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