You Capture – Signs

One of the cool things about participating in Beth’s You Capture meme is seeing how differently everyone interprets the week’s assignment.

I mean, people DO think differently you know. (Trust me. I am married to an engineer.)

The assignment for this week was SIGNS.

I wonder how many folks will go with the literal interpretation?

Stopping is not an option.

Imagine the town council discussions around this one. I mean, when does STOP not mean one has to stop. Is that clarification really necessary? And why not use “YOU” on the sign instead of “U”? (This is an actual sign at an intersection in Romney, West Virginia.)

Would anyone really consider crossing this "bridge" during a flood?

I like the odd road signs approach, but I like my “signs that Fall is coming” take on it, too. Better, actually. Because that’s one thing I like to do each year, watch as the trees slowly start to turn.

Signs of Fall
Signs of Fall
Signs of Fall (look closely to see the very early signs here)
Signs of Fall
Signs of Fall

What about the other signs in nature? You know, signs that there are critters afoot?

Snakeskin = sign that a large snake is living in our woodpile.
Poop on stump = sign that a fox is living in or very close to our yard.

That scat (aka animal crap) is not an isolated incident. Foxes leave droppings to mark their territory. This particular fox (maybe there are more than one?) has left lots of this kind of sign on and around our property.

And we can’t forget signs from a higher power. They come in many forms. The sign I am referring to occurred on Tuesday night. The very first night in my new office (more on the office thing later).

Tree frog on the window of my new office.

This room used to be Hubby’s office. All the years Hubby was using this room (since 1998), I never saw one of these. Like three seconds after I noticed the little guy, who was only an inch long if that, I saw him eat a bug. How cool is that?

When your name is ToadMama, it’s very cool.

A sign that this office move was a good one? Perhaps. I guess time will tell on that one.

To find out how other people interpreted the You Capture SIGNS assignment, head over to Beth’s blog and follow some of the links.

15 Replies to “You Capture – Signs”

  1. Shan, I might agree except that there are about four of these in town, they are exactly the same, and they’ve been there for at least two years. So I’m going with weird logic.

  2. Nothing like posting a picture of poop on your blog. Well done my friend!

    That must be a messy spider web in your snakeskin shot?

  3. I’m so glad you participate in You Capture! Have I said that before? Your photos are always stellar and your posts so interesting. It’s not enough that there was a toad on your new office window and that being so significant and all but to be able to tie it into the subject of the assignment this week? Well I gotta say, you’re blessed. And that snakeskin? How did you spot it? You do have the photo op eye.
    And the skat. I thought of doing something similar at Striebel Pond as a sign that people weren’t paying attention to the Rules Sign but, for a change, there was none to photograph.
    Anyway, great post again!

  4. Jess, I had to go look at the snakeskin. I didn’t even notice the spider web!

    Mary, thanks again for the nice comments. I actually found a snakeskin there a while ago. I found that while checking for the snake that I know hangs out there. I check periodically to see if I see the snake and/or more skin. I should’ve been a ranger I tell you! I find all kinds of crap interesting. 🙂

  5. I see we think alike 🙂
    Great captures. The U Must Stop sign is amusing — and as for people crossing a low water bridge when it’s flooded…there are always people that stupid. 🙂
    Beautiful signs of fall…and so much wildlife around! Wow!!

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