And So It Goes

I’m still in New Jersey.

It’s been a tiring week. Starting a new job is never fun, especially when you go from being an expert (relatively speaking of course) who knows everyone to a complete novice that knows hardly anyone. It’s just weird. I know it gets better, but starting over like this sucks.

The Office

On a positive note, the office building I work in is pretty nice. It’s only a couple of years old so everything still looks rather fresh and new. The building is about a 90 second drive from the hotel, which is pretty convenient.

I actually woke up late today. With a headache. Ugh.

I’m hoping the drugs kick in soon. For now, time to slip on some big-girl clothes (as opposed to flannel pants and a t-shirt) and the war paint (Hubby’s term) for another day at the office.

3 Replies to “And So It Goes”

  1. I remember feeling that way when I first started working here (which feels like a century ago now!). It definitely sucks. But having nice colleagues goes a long way. Oh, and that does look like a really nice building – that also helps! 🙂 Hang in there, it will get easier after the first couple of weeks!

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