Time for a Change

The last couple of months have been sort of stressful. Actually, a lot stressful. Work has been pretty busy. And the projects have been rather complex, which usually means long hours.

On top of that, I’ve been in the process of getting a new job. That’s stressful, too. It feels very sneaky working for one company while trying to get hired by another company. Especially when you REALLY like the people you work for and with. Even if I didn’t have mad love for the company, I worked with a lot of great people.

Just about the time you become used to the pressure from being all sneaky trying to land another job, there’s the awful WAITING.

I hate waiting. This whole interviewing lots of people until you find the perfect candidate thing makes sense when you are the hunter. But when you are the prospective employee, waiting to find out if the people liked you and are considering hiring you, it sucks.

Of course, once you find out you made the short list (a good thing), you have to wait some more (a bad thing).

It’s not all waiting. There are the multiple conversations with recruiters and hiring managers you have to squeeze into your already busy schedule. And the secretive trip to New Jersey. Plus trying not to get too excited about the opportunity. There’s the not mentioning anything to anyone bit, too. That’s really tough.

Finally, when you feel like you can’t wait one single second longer, there’s a verbal offer.


Then negotiations. That’s never fun. Even if they’re not too intense, it’s still stressful.

We can’t forget MORE WAITING for the written offer to arrive.

What’s worse than the waiting is wondering how you are ever going to tell the people you work with that you’re deserting them. Abandoning the proverbial ship.

I had fantastic bosses. Not only were they good bosses, they are great people. And the people I worked with? The people who all do the same job I did as part of a global team? Amazing. They took teamwork to a whole new level.

Most of us are friends, too. We all got along, it’s just that some of us are and will remain closer than others. Many of us will even stay in touch.

Anyway… after you tell your bosses, you have to wait for a couple of weeks to pass. Still doing your job, of course. And slowly spreading the word that you are leaving.

That’s when the fear sets in. Have I done the right thing? Am I really going to leave all of these great people behind? What about my new bosses? Were they just acting like nice, cool people? Are they going to micro-manage me to death? Things at the old company really aren’t that bad, are they? Wouldn’t it be okay just to stay? You know, see what happens?


If you haven’t figured it out, today was my last day at the old job. I’d been with that company, and the same team of people, for just over four years. I did say how awesome they all were, right?

Monday, I start my new job.


It’s with a good company. The people all seem really nice. My new bosses come highly recommended. The position essentially has the exact same responsibilities. I have no doubt that I’ll be able to jump right in.

But still. It’s nerve-wracking.

I’ll have to meet tons of new people. Learn new processes. New procedures.

Did I mention that I’ll be spending some time in New Jersey, too? Away from Hubby. And the family. And my girls…

I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep at all between now and them.

Bigger SIGH…

I’ll try and keep y’all posted, okay?

5 Replies to “Time for a Change”

  1. Transition is hard and it’s natural to second-guess yourself, as well as mourn what you’re leaving behind. That’s part of the process. It will pass and you’ll start getting excited and consumed by the new work and environment. Good luck and keep your head high.

  2. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. We will miss you dearly, but I’m confident you made the right decision for yourself! And your new colleagues will love you in no time. You just need to get through the first couple of weeks, and then you’ll feel right at home! Best of luck, though I’m sure you don’t need it….

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