Yesterday, Shannon asked me if I had “Sudafed head.”

Now there’s a phrase I hadn’t heard before. And I love it. It is so appropriate, too.

Because I am feeling a bit spacy.

Want proof?

Earlier this evening, I had to log in to Hubby’s employee Web site to get all the insurance info I need to make the all-important benefits decision. I’m not sure why I had to do that instead of him, but I did. The username was described as the first six letters of your last name, your first initial, and four significant numbers. (I paraphrased the significant numbers bit because I can’t give EVERYthing away.)

I tried several different iterations of the six letters in uppercase, lowercase and a combination of the two. To no avail. Finally I gave up and called Hubby.

Mere seconds later, he called me back and asked, “What username did you use?”

As soon as he said it, I realized my error. I used kirkpaK. That’s my first initial. It was his employee Web site. So that K was the wrong answer…


I am still SLOWLY improving. Although I’ve had a headache pretty much non-stop since Sunday.

I’m starting to look better, too.

Don’t you think?

Maybe just a little?

Want more proof of the Sudafed head? This is a true story, too.

SECONDS after publishing this post. I checked to make sure it looked okay. It didn’t. Something was off. For some reason the spacing at the top was a bit off-kilter.

I stared.

I pondered.

It took me like two minutes to realize what was wrong. Anyone care to guess?


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  1. You didn’t give this post a title. I mostly noticed because at the bottom it says “Previous Post: A Real Humdinger” and “Next Post: Next Post.” Am I right? 🙂

  2. Oh, and btw. Sudafed head is a phrase used in the Sudafed commercials. They always have someone’s head floating above their body and someone else (usually an office mate) asks if they have Sudafed head.

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