A Real Humdinger

I don’t get sick often.

Maybe that’s why, when I do, I usually feel like I’ve been hit by a truck minivan small SUV.

Having a new job doesn’t help.

I’m still on probation. You know, that 90-day window where you and your employer are theoretically testing each other out.

So I have to slog through.

I’d really rather be in bed. But at least I’m not sitting in a public office, coughing/sneezing/hacking and spreading my germs around.

Actually, today was quite a bit better than yesterday.

So, yay!

Now, to sort of change the subject…

It’s only “sort of” because I’m still talking about sickness. Worse sickness than what I’m suffering. The kind that calls for Mucinex.

Mucinex does work, but I HATE those commercials. Not just hate, but hate-hate. They gross me out.

There’s nothing like watching TV then all of a sudden seeing animated globs of phlegm cavorting across your screen. Really.


I must admit that I laughed out loud when I saw this next image. Well, maybe “chuckled” is more appropriate.

Because it is funny.

While I was looking for a cute little clip art image to brighten my post (the one I posted first), I ran across this little gem.

And IMMEDIATELY, because I’m weird like that and have wasted a gadzillion brain cells remembering all manner of ARCANE songs, this popped into my head.

I was humming that damn song all day.

You’ll have to let me know if it gets stuck in your head, too.

How many of you even remember Blue Hawaii?

Why is it that the TV stations only ever played about five of the 30+ movies he made? I’m talking about when I was a kid and we had like four different TV stations. Five if the weather was good.

Fun in Acapulco, Girls!Girls!Girls!, Blue Hawaii, Viva Las Vegas and Roustabout.

Blue Hawaii was my favorite Elvis movie. Even if his character was named Chadwick.

I can picture Philomena, the hula-dancing phlegm-ball, with a boyfriend named Chadwick…

And when she starts to sway, I’ve got to say, she really moves her grass around!

5 Replies to “A Real Humdinger”

  1. Your blog brought me a chuckle today, your hula buddy is so cute and I can just imagine her doing the hula to Elvis song. I do remember Blue Hawaii, after all I am from that generation. Sorry your under the weather and have to work through it. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Yep, it’s that wonderful wonderful time of year. My little cat is sitting here sneezing on my keyboard (not the big guy I always post pics of).

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