A Special Day

Today is my favorite mother-in-law’s birthday.

So I’m sending out a big…

Happy Birthday

…to the best mother-in-law ever!

Without her, I wouldn’t have my Hubby, or my lovely daughters, or my adorable grandchildren. So I owe her a lot.

I particularly owe her a THANK YOU for not getting mad at me for spelling her name wrong for the first 16 years of our marriage! Why Hubby chose not to tell me sooner, I’ll never know.

So, thank you Dena Jeanne Murphy, I hope you have a fabulous day!

4 Replies to “A Special Day”

  1. I told you? I think not – it was one of the few things that you do that I could laugh at you behind your back 🙂

    But, worry not. In this family, name spelling is done using the “That’s the way I like to see it written” method.

    How else could one explain the fact that my grandmother misspelled my name for my entire life?

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