Wow. When I Googled a song title in hopes of finding a video clip from Thelma and Louise, I never knew I’d end up learning that one of my favorite movies is full of flaws. I guess I am REALLY unobservant. I’ve seen that movie several times and only ever noticed the one thing that was mentioned.

How’d the cop know which way to point in hopes that the bicyclist would grab his keys?

I didn’t find the video clip I was after, but I did find the trailer, which I thought I’d be nice and share here…

Now, since I’ve putzed around too long, I need to get to work.

I feel better today. It’s no exponential improvement. But baby steps, uphill are better than nothing.

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  1. You don’t notice those movie mistakes because you either have to be a huge movie geek or else watch movies over and over again, frame by frame. Most people just wanna be entertained and don’t really care if mistakes are made. Every movie has them, though. IMDB even has a “goofs” section for all of their movies, yes, even for T&L. The goofs that I tend to catch are the ones that make it seem like you could walk from Baltimore to DC in five minutes; there’s been a couple of movies that make that mistake.

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