I Hope I Win

Beth over at I Should Be Folding Laundry (she’s the You Capture host) is having a GIVEAWAY.

This frog is supposed to look excited.

I’m not usually into this whole “you can win a giveaway but first you have to mention me on your blog” thing. But I like Beth. She’s an amazing photographer. And I’ve told you about her blog many times anyway.

Plus, and here’s the kicker, it’s a really cool prize.

Actually, it’s a two-fer. I could be given free entry into a month-long photography class AND a very cool camera bag.

My first thought was, just add one of those awesome bags to your wish list. But they’re expensive.

Yes, I know I am worth it. But I’d rather splurge on something else if I am going to have a splurge like that. So…

I had to do this blog post to enter. Wish me luck!

– – – – – – – – – –


After I published this post, I noticed something peculiar listed under “related posts.” It’s pretty funny that the first related post is one where I say “I don’t usually enter giveaways” like this one. That alone isn’t the funny part, it’s that the other giveaway I refer to was also hosted by Beth.

I didn’t win. But maybe I’ll have better luck this time.