Meg the Bag Lady

One of the things I love about having dogs around is that they make me laugh.

Really. Sometimes they just do the goofiest things.

They can do gross stuff, too. Take my Meg as an example. She eats pretty much anything. Poo included. And used Kleenex. She just loves used facial tissue.

Meg’s penchant for eating just about anything got her into a bit of a predicament today.

I was out walking with the girls. K and Belle were in the driveway. Meg walked down toward her friend’s house.

A little while later, Meg came running back out of the woods. She ran past Belle, who immediately started following her. When those two ran past K, she decided to run along, too.

They were all making a beeline for me.

"Mama! Mama! There's something wrong with Meg!" (Ignore the glowing eyes, okay?)

I could see something was amiss, I just wasn’t sure what.

Belle looks on as Meg tries to rid herself of the newly acquired accessory.

When they reached me and I saw what the problem was, I started cracking up.

Somehow or other, Meg had managed to get a plastic shopping back stuck around her neck. She was off digging in someone’s trash no doubt.

She was really quite embarrassed.

How do I know she was embarrassed? She didn’t want to let me take her picture. I had to make her sit three different times before I got this shot…

Meg not even a little bit thrilled to be photographed at that particular moment.

First, she gave me that evil eye you see in the above shot. Then she just refused to look at the camera.

"I am NOT going to look. And quit laughing at me."

Finally, I removed the bag.  I felt sorry for her because I know she felt pretty stupid. And maybe I shouldn’t have laughed at her, but she looked pretty stupid, too.

Meg’s a good sport.

Meg looking a bit more regal.

Since she did actually sit still to let me take that picture, I figured I’d post a nice picture of her, too. So you could see that she’s not just a big ole doofus. She’s really very pretty. She is a bit of a character. But that’s part of her charm.

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  1. This is the exact reason why we have to cut apart the plastic that holds a six-pack of Coke cans together – animals like to stick their heads in random holes!

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