Where’s ToadMama Today?

I’m in a different state again.

But this time, I am happy about it.

It really looks like Fall here. As far as the foliage goes, it is most definitely past peak. In fact, many, many leaves are on the ground.

Fall is Here

The girls are all very happy to be here, too. As usual. They LOVE running through these woods.

See Meg smiling?

Since it was almost 10:00 when I got home last night, we drove to the WV place this morning. It’s actually pretty chilly. I think it was in the low 50s when we arrived. Now it’s in the 40s. And it’s only about 3:00 PM. I have a feeling tomorrow morning will REALLY be cold when I am out walking.

Fall is in the air.

See how bare those trees are? Meanwhile, back at the cabin…

Hubby clearing the leaves off of the front porch.

…Hubby was struggling to get the leaf blower to run. As you can see, he succeeded.

"I don't like that noise, Mama."

Belle was not thrilled with the leaf blower.


I did somehow manage to get Belle and K to sit still for a picture. Belle wouldn’t look at the camera, but look at K smiling!

That moment of stillness didn’t last long.

And they're off!

I’m making chili for dinner. It’s a chili kind of day.

They’re forecasting snow for the mountains just west of here tonight.


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