Pretzel Dogs

At least twice recently (HERE and HERE) I’ve mentioned that Shannon is living at home. It’s only supposed to be temporary, while she tries to find a permanent job. But if she keeps doing the things she’s been doing, we might never let her leave.


Because she feeds us really well.

Before I go further, I have to explain the dinner rotation. For some time now, Hubby and I have had this rotation thing going on where he cooks one week then I cook the following week. Then it starts over. In other words, we take turns. Whoever isn’t cooking is responsible for cleanup.

When Shannon got home back in August (you do know she just went ’round the world, right?), she was really good about helping to clean up and stuff. And she’s always willing to help chop, slice, dice, etc. So we figured, it’s only fair that she get added to the rotation, too.

Of course she was willing. She loves to cook and bake. She’s good at it, too.

Even better? She takes orders.

One night last week, I requested pretzel dogs.

That’s basically a soft pretzel wrapped around a hot dog. Not just any soft pretzels. Made-from-scratch, DELICIOUS soft pretzels.

Pretzel Dogs

Typically I like ketchup, mustard and raw onions on my hot dogs. But pretzel dogs are best served with mustard only.

Here’s what the pretzel dog looks like on the inside.

Pretzel Dog Innards (note the mustard topping)

See what I mean about not letting her leave?

Besides, Hubby and I are kind of enjoying having her around. She was gone for ten whole months after all.

AND she’s promised to make buttermilk biscuits the next time she’s up, too.

The pretzel recipe actually is from Household Diva 6. She got it from someone else, but since Ann Marie is the one who told me about it, I had to give her a mention.

7 Replies to “Pretzel Dogs”

  1. I don’t like hot dogs, but those look delicious! Man, are you lucky that your daughter and your husband cook! Wayne’s kitchen skills are, shall we say, less than stellar.

  2. I’m just happy to be in a kitchen again. A real one, not a hostel version with one fork, one plate, and one tiny pot for the whole building to use. 🙂

    1. Ha! You’d better be careful what you ask for. She’d come to stay with you guys in a heartbeat! I could send some Fritos, beef jerky and squirt cheese along with her, too.

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