Quick and Relatively Uneventful

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is approaching.

Christmasy Cardinals

It’ll be here and gone before we know it!

We had our first snow the other day. I think it was Thursday. We got about two inches. Under normal circumstances, it would’ve all been gone by now. But these aren’t normal circumstances. We’re still experiencing colder-than-average temperatures. And, since half of our backyard is shaded anyway, it’s no surprise that some of that snow still remains.

The image I posted above made me smile. If the light were better and it was better focused, it would make a cool Christmas card, don’t you think?

I was using my zoom lens to snap some bird pics. Shooting without a tripod through our patio door usually means I end up with not-so-great pictures. But I was being a wimp and staying inside.

"Hey, that lady is back and wants us to say 'cheese' again. Get into position!"

And that’s a shame, because the birds were sort of being cooperative. The pair of Cardinals and one of the Juncos saw me trying to capture some shots and were kind enough to pose for the first picture I posted above. You know, the Christmas card shot.

Too bad it was so dark.


I was going to spend some time snapping Christmas images this weekend. I was going to do quite a bit of other stuff I never got around to. But that’s because we had a visitor. A visitor far too cute (and much too loud) for me to ignore.

"My don't want to say 'cheese', G."

For whatever reason, Joey wasn’t feeling particularly cooperative this weekend. I don’t think he said “cheese” once the whole time he was here.

Emergency Response

But that’s okay. We still enjoyed having him here. I just don’t have any great pictures to share with you.

Busy Ignoring G

I did try. Trust me. But the boy is STUBBORN. If he doesn’t want to do something, he won’t do it.

If it were something important, I would’ve pushed. But I never feel like being photographed, and can totally relate. So I left him alone.

Meanwhile… guess what was happening in the kitchen.

With ingredients like these, something good is bound to happen.

Shannon was busy being all elf-like and making Christmas treats.

Meg was a bit disappointed that it was Shannon and not me.

She never gives me ANYTHING!

Because Meg knows I am a sucker. She knows I’ll toss her a tidbit or two.

Shannon is much stronger than I am in that regard (i.e., mean) and doesn’t believe dogs need frequent treats. Even when Meg does her best to look pathetic, and sad, and starving…

That was my weekend in a nutshell.

I did some shopping and wrapping, too. But since I don’t usually take pictures of myself doing stuff like that, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

5 Replies to “Quick and Relatively Uneventful”

  1. That first one would make a cool card. I had to laugh at the cardinal on the right, with his feathers sticking straight up off his head, like some little punk.

  2. The first picture I like and it would make a nice Christmas Card. Joey playing with those toys sure does bring back many memories of those before who played with the same toys.

  3. Jess, I never thought of the Cardinal being punked out. But you are right. 🙂

    ShyB, I’m glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Mom, it IS cute to see Joey playing with my Fisher Price house (about 40 years old) and Eric’s emergency response vehicles (about 18 years old). Sometimes it’s hard to believe Eric is 21. Other times, that all seems so long ago.

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