You Capture – Holiday Magic (or Light)

My attempt at capturing holiday magic (or light) for this week’s You Capture was lame.

But at least I tried.

I tried to cheat and capture magic and light together. I didn’t have much success.

Simple Yet Effective

We keep outdoor holiday light displays at our house simple.

White candles in the windows, bows on the outdoor light fixtures, and a pair of reindeer with an empty sleigh.

I love the way it looks. I just didn’t have much luck capturing it for y’all to see.

Here’s the same shot framed with a texture.

Same image, framed.

To see what I am sure are far more interesting magic and/or light captures, visit Beth’s Blog.

4 Replies to “You Capture – Holiday Magic (or Light)”

  1. It’s not easy to photograph that type of lighting, I think this works just fine for the theme. Maybe I’ll try to get something yet today. Hmmm…

  2. I’ve never attempted to photograph christmas lights because I decided it would be too hard. Yours is pretty though, the framed image really adds something to it!

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