This weekend, for the most part, was uneventful. We went to the WV place, but it was cold all weekend. The dogs and I did go outside, but everything is brown. So I didn’t have much to photograph.

I did take a few pics, which I’ll share later. But first, I wanted to explain my title. In case you were wondering.

You were wondering, right? Did that awesome image at least pique your interest?

That image is directly related to my title.

It is just one of many, many FREE clipart images shared by The Graphics Fairy, aka Karen, a woman who collects vintage paper and uses it to create interesting clipart. She then shares it for free with the big ole blog world. Cool, eh?

Some of it is a bit too flowery for me. And some of it is quite strange. Like that sledding picture. But that’s what makes it interesting, right?

There’s a Search Page on her site to help you find stuff. If you go to that page, click on the word that describes the category of interest, not the little thumbnail.

“Ephemera” is one of her image categories.

I first heard that word when I discovered the company, Ephemera, Inc. My guess is you’ve probably seen some of their products at least once. They sell buttons, refrigerator magnets, mouse pads, you name it, with funny slogans on them.

That mouse pad image on the right is only one of their many products.

I guess I should warn you that their merchandise isn’t exactly PC.

But it’s fun. At least, I think it’s fun. And this is my space so I’m allowed to say so, right?

Can you tell I’m sort of grasping for material here?

Oh wait, I do have something new to talk about.

Can you guess what this is? It’s quite colorful, isn’t it?

Colorful Mystery Object

I could be mean and NOT tell you. I could just wait and see how many people leave comments guessing. But I’ll just be nice and show you…

"Thanks, Mama."

I FINALLY got around to making K a new bed for the WV place. The first one I made, over a year ago, is too skinny. This one is actually a bit too square. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into its design.

Meg hogging the bed.

All of the dogs seem to like it, so I must have done something right.

Before I stop for the day, I will offer a bit of a cliffhanger. I took this next picture yesterday right before we left the WV place.

What's happening?

It’s the beginning stage of Hubby’s latest project. That Hubby of mine can really be a busy little bee. More to follow on that one. One of these days…

Don't Forget Your Free Graphics

8 Replies to “Ephemera”

  1. As the past-owner of happy dogs, I recognized that dog-bed immediately! Mine were never as cute, though. You did a great job on it. And thanks for the Ephemera link.

  2. What I wanna know is how did you manage to catch K with her tongue sticking out ever so slightly? AND her ear flipped out in true fashionista style? 🙂 Cute!

  3. Ralph, if you really looked closely, you’d see I’m no great seamstress. The thing was much more trouble than it is worth. But at least it looks pretty, right?

    Shan, she was just being K for me. Acting all coquettish for her Mama. 🙂

  4. I would say hubby is trying to contain the demolition fall out of the kitchen countertops. You can never contain demolition or sanding spackle two lessons I have learned. Oh and always wait for them to be completely done before cleaning up 🙂

  5. Michelle, that was pretty good. I am impressed that you remembered that was in the plan. He’s going a bit beyond counter top demolition, however. The whole kitchen is being replaced. We’ll be really fancy now.

  6. Cute bed! Bandit’s bed is sad to say the least! It was Monsters but when we got Bandit he took it over. It was a store bought bed but now there is no fluff to it anymore. I am terrible at sewing but I might give it a try, he really needs a new bed!

  7. I knew it was a bed for one of your girls right away and it is cute! And kitchen reno? What? I just learned about your kitchen a couple of weeks ago and I loved the concrete counter tops idea. AND your plan to feature other bloggers is such a good one. It’s a great way to get to know interesting people that we haven’t been acquainted with before. I don’t understand how you keep up with everything but I am impressed.
    BTW, I think even pictures taken by you when everything’s brown would still be interesting!

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