Let it Snow

Folks who follow my photography will have seen some of these shots, but I couldn’t resist posting them and a few others here. (It was early, so the lighting isn’t great.)

As with kids, it makes me happy just watching my dogs play. They absolutely LOVE the snow.

Meg making snow angels.
K and Belle doing their usual wrastlin' thing.

This “wrastlin’ thing” I mention? This is not an outdoors-only sport. These two nuts do this indoors quite often. My boss heard them recently and said it sounded like they were trying to kill each other. It sort of looks like that, too, right? That’s how they play. And they love it.

Speaking of loving it… catching snowballs is one of Meg’s favorite pasttimes. Throwing them too her and capturing this shot was not an easy feat. There was a little luck involved. Okay, maybe a lot of luck.

Meg enjoying her favorite snow activity... catching snowballs!

After a bit, I just stood back and watched them chase each other around the yard.

All three of them chasing each other with the old girl in the lead!
Run, Meg, run!
They were snarling, growling, and barking the whole way.
Meg was getting annoyed. The younguns get a bit too wound up sometimes.
Here she was hollering, "Calm down you idiots!"
They just ignored her, wrastling circles around her while she continued to bark.

Here’s a video from last year that shows them “talking” to each other. You might want to make sure your volume isn’t too high.

At the very last minute, I decided to include my all-time favorite snow dog video.

Do your dogs like the snow as much as mine do?

6 Replies to “Let it Snow”

  1. So imagine, then, being a cat out in all that snow. Archie, the “wintering” cat I’m caring for now, doesn’t seem to mind it, but I did have to shovel a path for him to get back into the house last night. Will made fun of me/Archie and said “cats are so posh.”


  2. Seeing your dogs frolic is so gratifying. They are in their natural state and experiencing pure dog-joy.

    My dogs didn’t have doggie-companions and, as much as I rolled on the floor with them, it wasn’t the same. Your dogs are lucky.

  3. 😆
    I love dogs. They’re crazy and unapologetic about it 🙂 It looks so great to just run like a nut with reckless abandon. We should take a page from their book and do more of that.

    That Belle sure looks like a mischievous, rambunctious pest. I happen to know someone just like that ::whistles innocently::

  4. Fuzzy, your comment made me chuckle. Belle is a REAL PIA, but the sweetest little dog ever. I have never met such a pokey (as in spearing you with her nose) dog!

  5. I love that video – still makes me smile… Our cats don’t exactly love the snow; I think it freaks them out because they don’t get it. (Then again, of the 3 cats we have only one is actually intelligent – that may have something to do with it….)

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