Back On Track

I haven’t paid much attention to the computer over the past week. Except for work stuff. I am woefully behind in my blogging. Not just writing my blogs, but reading everyone else’s. I’m hoping to get caught up this week.

The week wasn’t particularly eventful, I just didn’t have anything to say.

It was Shannon’s week to cook so at least I got a break from dinner duty. Monday she made a pasta and veggie dish. Tuesday’s meal was Hoppin’ John, which wasn’t very picturesque, but tasted really good. Hubby and I had never had that before. Wednesday she fed us Thai Red Shrimp Curry, which is one of our favorite Shannon-dishes. It’s basically shrimp and veggies stir-fried in a mildly spicy, coconut milk-based sauce. Served over rice. It’s delicious AND colorful, which is why you get to see a picture of that meal.

Shannon's Thai Red Shrimp Curry

Thursday was Thirsty Third Thursday, which is the one evening each month Shannon, Amy, and I get together for a girls’ night. Since Amy’s husband has been deployed, most TTTs have been at Amy’s house. This month we decided to actually go out instead for a change of pace. We were going to do it on a weekend and celebrate our birthdays at the same time (mine is February 6 and Amy’s is March 1), but that didn’t work out. Amy wasn’t able to get a sitter on a Thursday night, but Shannon and I really wanted to go out, so we went without her. It wasn’t the same, of course, but it was nice to be out nonetheless.

John Steven Ltd in Fells Point

We started out at Max’s on Broadway in Fells Point (a neighborhood in Baltimore City), but weren’t getting a great vibe there. Plus the beer was pretty expensive. So we walked down the block and up Thames Street toΒ  John Steven Ltd. We ended up staying there until about 1:00 AM. Good thing I had the day off on Friday.

Wanna know why I had the day off on Friday? Because I knew it was going to be 70 degrees and took an emergency mental health day off from work.

My bike on the first 70+ degree day in 2011.

Since we didn’t get home until about 2:00 AM, I got a later start than I originally intended. I did eventually get out though and spent all day out and about on the new motorcycle. It was fabulous. I actually went east for a change across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Normally, I’d head north or west, but I’d been wanting to get to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge for some time to see the Snow Geese. These geese over-winter at the refuge. I get a big kick out of seeing and hearing thousands of big, white geese as they take to the sky.

Two Snow Geese

It really was a gorgeous day. And the refuge was practically deserted. So I got to take my good old time observing the estimated 3,000 Snow Geese that hang out there. There were Canada Geese, too (of course). I also saw a couple of Eagles.

Thousands of Snow Geese

I’m glad I finally got to pay the geese a visit. There’s just something special about those white birds.

In my next post, I’ll bring you up-to-speed on the WV kitchen project. For now, I’m pooped and headed off to bed.

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