Images of Warmth

Look what’s sitting on my kitchen table.

My Happy Birthday bouquet of tulips.

Aren’t they gorgeous? So warm and Springy looking!

I just love the colors!

These arrived via UPS two days ago. My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew sent them as a Happy Birthday surprise.

Getting flowers unexpectedly is always awesome. Every time I see these sitting on my table, I smile. Because nothing says Spring like tulips. And I could use a dose of Spring right now.

For the record, some chocolates came along with the flowers. I would’ve taken some pictures of those too, but chocolate doesn’t last very long around here.

I’m guessing right about now Hubby and Shannon are thinking, “Chocolates? I didn’t see any chocolates!” 🙂

10 Replies to “Images of Warmth”

  1. I haven’t seen you say exactly when your birthday is (and I’ve been looking!), so I’ll just wish you a happy birthday now: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And pretty flowers!

  2. I love your beautiful tulips and believe me, I can use a shot of warmth right now. The colors are stunning and you captured them perfectly as usual. And, Happy Birthday late. Sorry I missed the day and I hope it was awesome but now this late birthday wish dictates that you’ll have to celebrate again. So…you’re welcome!

  3. My birthday is February 6. I could have done a Happy Birthday to Me post, but that would have been a bit obnoxious. Thanks for the happy wishes, ShyB and Mary. 🙂

  4. Well, a happy belated birthday to you!

    Beautiful tulips. Love the orange ones especially. Maybe those warm thoughts will encourage the weather to follow suit~ ::crossing fingers::

  5. Happy birthday! I love tulips. At the local farmer’s market here, they sell them by the arm-full. We go every few weeks in the spring and just buy tons of them. The first year I bought them, I also had to go buy new vases because I didn’t have enough 🙂

    Hope your birthday was wonderful and what a lovely surprise!!

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