The Twins Have Arrived

Look what is sleeping in MY garage tonight. 🙂

My new motorcycle.

We had to wait for the center stands and cases (side and top) to be installed. BMW makes really nice cases. They’re hard, durable, expandable, and they go on and off really easily.

The saddlebags on my V-Star were permanently attached.

I had liners, but it was still a pain.

Imagine packing for a long trip with your suitcase in the car. You can’t bring it inside, so you have to put all of your stuff into one bag, which you then cram into your suitcase when you get to the car. While you’re at it, pretend your suitcase is strapped to your back bumper and it’s cold, rainy, and windy.

Are you starting to understand why easily detachable bags are a big deal?

It’s got heated hand-grips, too, which were really nice on the ride home Friday afternoon.

Hubby’s bike is identical to mine. The guys at the dealership thought it was pretty cool to have a husband and wife buy twins. They said they’ve got plenty of married couples who each ride their own bike, but very few who buy twins and leave with them at the exact same time. They took pictures and everything, which I’ll be sure to share once I get a copy.

We were so anxious to get to the dealership to bring the bikes home that I forgot my cameras. Can you believe that?

Now, if only the snow and ice would all melt AND the roads would hurry up and get dry…

4 Replies to “The Twins Have Arrived”

  1. Congratulations on this VERY cool birthday present. 🙂 I’m amazed you forgot your camera – that must be a historical event!

  2. You didn’t tell me the guys at the dealership were making a big deal out of your guys. That’s pretty cool. 🙂

  3. How fantastic!!
    Looks even better in your garage than it did in the showroom 😉

    For you to forget your camera – wow… you MUST’VE been excited. Now, if you had something like say, oh.. I don’t know.. and iPhone it wouldn’t have been an issue 😉 Just sayin’. ::cough::ValentinesDayGiftToYourself::cough::

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