Bittersweet Day

The last two weeks have been quite a blur.

Alice the foster puppy was here. She is a sweet little thing, but a LOT of work. It really was like having a baby around.

Me and Alice

In addition to having baby Alice here, Hubby and I have tried to ramp-up the house sprucing-up activities. Painting, getting rid of excess stuff, painting, planting flowers, painting… get the picture?

Then there was Shannon leaving…

We’ve known for months that she’d be leaving for California today. To live, not to visit. She’s been living with us since August 2010 when she returned from her round-the-world trip.

Neither of us wanted her to leave. Of course, we didn’t tell her that. She’s been wanting to move to the West coast for some time. So this is a new beginning for her. But it’s a very sad ending for us. It’s been lots of fun having Shannon around. Hubby and I are going to miss her something awful. I foresee lots of flights to California for us.

Shannon's Last Night: Hubby, Me, Amy, and Shannon

This morning, Shannon and Amy, with Hubby’s help, crammed their luggage and a few belongings into Shannon’s tiny little Smart car and away they went. They took Alice with them. Why Alice?

Alice is going to her forever home in St. Louis, Missouri. When I first heard of a potential adopter there, the thought did cross my mind thatΒ  getting a puppy that far would be a challenge. But this adopter is perfect for Alice. It’s definitely the right fit. But how to get a puppy 800+ miles?

That’s when the lightbulb went off…

Shannon and Amy planned their route months ago. And guess what was always planned to be the first stop? St. Louis, Missouri. It’s almost as if Alice ending up here was completely meant to be.


Alice Transport

So Alice got loaded into the Smart car, too.

And off they went.

Yes, I’ll miss the puppy. But I can’t even begin to put into words how much we’ll miss Shannon.

I don’t think our lives will ever be the same.

5 Replies to “Bittersweet Day”

  1. Actually, Shannon knows that we didn’t want her to leave. I told her last night that she was grounded and not allowed to leave her room until I say so – probably in a couple of years. She’d be allowed to come out to cook for us though. She didn’t listen today any better than the last time I tried to ground her 15 years or so ago…

    Yes, three hours after her departure and I miss her already πŸ™

  2. Aaaaw πŸ™ I know the feeling, it never gets any easier. So glad we were able to share the evening with you guys last night and see both the girls together.

  3. I knew you were consumed with real-life stuff by your conspicuous absence from blogging. Shannon’s leaving has to be hard for you. My sympathies on what you’re going through.

    The picture of the four of you is super-cute. You all look fabulous.

    And it sounds like hitching a ride was fate for Alice.

  4. Ralph, I haven’t had time to read or write blogs. I have much catching up to do. I hope all is well with you! We did get to ride a bit this weekend. I’ll post about it one day. It’s amazing how horribly empty a house can feel after just one person leaves…

    And thanks for the nice compliment. πŸ™‚

  5. Aw, just saw this (for obvious reasons) – I miss you guys, too! Lots of flights to California seems like a good idea to me, you should do it! πŸ™‚

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