Mothers Day Recap

Another Mothers’ Day has come and gone.

The older you get, the more you realize how important Mothers Day is to Moms. Especially Moms with long-empty nests who don’t get to see their families nearly as often as they would like.

Mike and I are very fortunate to have both of our Moms still with us. While we’ve spent quite a few Mothers’ Days in West Virginia in recent years, this year we stayed in Maryland. So we actually got to visit with both of our Moms yesterday. They were both happy to see us. Especially since we arrived bearing a card, flowers, and a gift for each. We haven’t done such a great job celebrating in years past because of the West Virginia place. So I’m glad we got to see them both yesterday.

And as promised in my Mothers’ Day post, I even made Hubby take pictures.

We stopped at my mother-in-law’s house first.

Me with my mother-in-law on Mothers' Day.

From there, we went to visit my Mom.

Me with my Mom on Mothers' Day.

We didn’t get to visit for very long because we’d spent all morning planting flowers in our yard. (I do have pictures, but they are on my other camera.)

As for our kids, we only saw one of them yesterday. Of course, Shannon lives with us. For now. She’ll be moving to California at the end of this month. I haven’t said a whole lot about that here for a couple of reason, one of which is I’m just trying not to think about it.

Speaking of Shannon, look what she had delivered on Saturday. A whole box of chocolate-covered strawberries. Just for me. 🙂


The strawberries were delicious. I did share them with Hubby and Shannon, even though the card that came along with them specifically said NOT to share. Meg got some, too, but not because I wanted her to. (When I was eating the biggest strawberry, the chocolate cracked and fell onto the ground. Chocoholic Meg was on it quicker than I could even blink.) Amy called me. She spent the morning with her family having a picnic in the park. Eric sent me a text message.

Is it just my family or are greeting cards becoming a thing of the past? I always made sure both mothers and my grandmother got cards from Hubby and I on Mothers Day. When the kids were young, we got the mothers and grandmothers separate cards from the kids, too. I’m thinking the Internet/cell phone/text message age is making greeting cards obsolete. Which is a real shame. I know my Moms would have enjoyed cards from the grand kids, too.

On another note… I’m in West Virginia with the doggie girls. We’re having the kitchen cabinets at our Maryland house refaced. It’s easier holing up here with the dogs than having to deal with them for several days while trying to work with strange men going in and out of the house making all kinds of construction noises.

Everything is green

I snapped a few pics while out walking with the dogs just past the crack of dawn this morning (crazy morning bitches!). Look how green the trees have gotten.

Morning fog in the hollow.

A thick fog blanketed the valleys this morning. Isn’t it amazing to see how much the trees have filled in? Summer is most definitely just around the corner.

VERY green trees.

The trees are all very green and very full.

Fading Dogwood blossoms.

The Dogwood blossoms are definitely past their prime.

Redbud tree with not even a hint of pink.

The Redbuds are completely finished blooming. Even if the pink is gone, I still get to enjoy them because of the heart-shaped leaves.

It should be an interesting, and quiet, week.

I hope all of the Moms I know had a happy Mothers’ Day. Don’t worry Dads, Fathers’ Day is just around the corner.

8 Replies to “Mothers Day Recap”

  1. You are very thoughtful. I’m sure both your and hubby’s moms appreciated the visits.

    Perhaps because I’m an old guy, I still send paper-cards. They show care and effort; plus, people enjoy receiving them in the mail, opening them and holding ’em in their hands.

    E-mail, while easy, isn’t the same, especially for important events like yesterday.

  2. Ralph, I’ve been wondering if it is a generational thing. I’m a fan of cards, too. But maybe that’s because I’m an old gal. 🙂 But still young at heart!

  3. Sounds like a lovely multi-generational Mother’s Day! I really wish I could have visited my mom on Sunday… 🙂

    It might be a generational thing, but I’ve always (even before cell phones & text messaging) had mixed feelings about cards. They’re nice to get, of course, and I’ve gotten a few that are super special to me. But I also always felt a big dose of guilt because I tend to travel light in life and there would inevitably come a moment where I’d have to decide whether or not to throw a card away. And I hate that moment of throwing someone’s kindness away, but if I didn’t, what would I DO with all those cards?! Is it just me? What does everybody else do with their cards? I’m not saying calls, emails, and texts are better (actually I kind of give a stink eye to texts). That’s just how I’ve felt about cards. Maybe I’ll stick to giving flowers. 🙂

    1. You have a point about having to throw the cards away. And they really are terribly over-priced. Getting cards in the mail is still special. Having them hand-delivered is even better. Because then you get to see the people, too. Text messages are definitely pretty lame. Very lame, actually. 🙁

  4. I guess I’m just not a card person. When I receive a card, I might hold on to it for a day or two and then it’s into the trash. I know, I know, I’m terribly sentimental, aren’t I? It’s not that I don’t like getting cards – I do – I guess maybe they just mean more when it’s a just because as opposed to holiday driven.

    That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t still send them to people who DO care about cards. I can just never seem to get my act together in time to make it happen. And, speaking of lame, that’s a pretty LAME excuse if I ever heard one!

    1. You can’t be that bad, you thought far enough ahead to send me chocolate covered strawberries. Next year you just have to try and remember Grandma, too. 🙂

  5. ooops…sorry left off your pictures are beautiful. love them. everything green!!
    love the newness of spring!

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