Quiet Woods

I’ve enjoyed my week here at the WV place. It’s been very quiet. Work has actually been uneventful (no crazy deadlines). I managed to get some stuff done and still enjoy some quiet time with the dogs.

I love walking with the dogs here at the WV place. They REALLY enjoy being able to run, sniff, cavort, roll in stinky stuff, etc. And I just like watching them and observing.

Today I thought I’d give you some random images of things that caught my eye. With little commentary. So you can enjoy your own bit of “quiet.”

Moth on Stump


Moth from Different Angle


Woodpecker Snack Bar


What's Wrong With This Picture?


Crazy Climbing Dog


Little Lady




Born to Run


Two Hungry Ladies






Waiting for Mama to Catch Up


On the Move Again




Pretty Purple Surprise


Young Helicopters


I hope you enjoyed this quiet glimpse into my world.

What did you see in your world today?

3 Replies to “Quiet Woods”

  1. Gorgeous. We sometimes miss the nature and solitude of environments like yours here on Long Island. It’s green here but too congested with people and cars.

    Your photos, as always, as a pleasure for the eye.

  2. Beautiful pics. Sure looks peaceful.

    I didn’t realize everyone called ’em “helicopters.” I thought that was something my mom came up with 😆

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