ToadMama in Manhattan

Until this past weekend, not counting the couple of times I drove through, I’d never visited New York City. Either had Amy. Since Shannon will be moving to the West Coast very soon, we all agreed that a girls’ weekend would be a fabulous idea. So off to Manhattan we went.

I shot over 400 pictures. I’ll share a few here.

Flatiron Building

This very cool building was only a few blocks from the loft apartment we rented in Chelsea.

Got a Big Head?

It wasn’t far at all from the park with the giant head. Which I only posted here because I had to tell you what I heard some kid say… “Mom! Mom! I think I might know where the rest of the body is!” (I did not stick around to hear his answer.)

Delicate Mix of Old and New

One of the things I found most intriguing is how very old, historic buildings (usually short) are sandwiched in among the newer, sleeker, and much larger high-rises. I’m pretty sure that old building in the center of the frame is the New York Public Library.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

This is a great example of old sandwiched in with new. The Cathedral of St. Patrickis the largest Gothic cathedral in the US. The spires rise 330 feet from the street. But, because the city has grown around it, it looks quite small. I love stained glass, so if you’d like to see the many shots I captured inside St. Pat’s, be sure to look at one of the slide shows.

Tall Building

We saw lots and lots of tall buildings. This one was at Rockefeller Center. I should probably know the name of it, but I don’t.

Times Square by Day

We visited Times Square midday because that’s close to where we met Ralph and Robin for lunch. Shannon insisted we return at night when it was all lit up. I like colorful spectacles, so that sounded like a plan to me.

Animated M&Ms

For some reason, I really liked the giant, animated M&Ms in Times Square.

Grand Central Station


Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral


Flags and Buildings


City Street


The Most Colorful Family Ever

This family just made me smile. The Mom’s crazy-colorful boots caught my eye first. Then the husband’s sweater. The daughter in all the lime green added another dimension. And then came the son (running toward us in the middle of the frame). Not even the Dad’s backpack is a solid color. How cool is that?

This Shot Just Screams "New York"


Shannon and Amy


The Dog Was Benched





Lower Manhattan Bank



Street Performers




If you’d like to see the rest, you can watch this LONG slideshow (with music). Or you can visit my Flickr site and watch the slideshow quietly and at your own pace.  🙂

Warning… I like urban images shot at odd angles.

Let me know what you think. Some of the pictures might seem a bit odd, but they reflect how I see the world. No wonder they’re odd, right?

6 Replies to “ToadMama in Manhattan”

  1. I love all the pics here! The colorful family made me laugh also. Maybe they wanted to make sure they did not lose each other? Going to check out the other pictures now!!

  2. As I was reading I had all kinds of comments to make, but they’ve all escaped me now except for this: that tall building at Rockefeller Plaza is 30 Rock and it’s where the Top of the Rock observation deck is located. Supposed to be views as good as from the Empire State Building but with fewer lines/people.


  3. Thanks, Tiff!

    Shan, didn’t you see the lines of tourists waiting to go to the Top of the Rock? (Sort of funny that I knew about the observation spot but not where it is or why it’s called Top of the Rock.)

    If anyone wants to see Shannon’s images from the trip, visit her Flickr page.

  4. I had high expectations for your NYC pictures ’cause you’re such a good photographer — and you didn’t disappoint! These shots are great. As many times as I’ve seen pictures of the city, these have a little something special to them. Thanks for sharing them.

    The Flatiron Building (your first picture) has always been my favorite for its head-scratching shape.

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