Five Hundred Quick and Easy Bucks

Yes, this is for real!

In case you haven’t heard, we’re selling our Maryland house. It will officially hit the market (MLS postings) any minute now.

Hubby and I have put our heads together to devise a marketing strategy that uses interesting ways to spread the word. Using this blog and my Facebook network was one idea.

Have you seen my SEVERN MARYLAND HOME blog? I created it specifically to spread the word about the house.

We were hoping friends and family would help spread the word. But we decided a $500 cash reward would be a good way to encourage folks to help get the word out.

If you share this link and someone you shared with buys the house because they heard about it from you, you get $500 in cash. It’s that easy.

If you share this with all of your friends and one of them shares it with someone who ends up buying the house, you still get $500. (It’ll be up to you to decide if you want to share the wealth with that friend or not.)

You’ll need to keep track of who you share this with, of course. And be sure to let me know if you think someone you know might be interested. That will help make sure you get the reward you deserve if they actually do make the purchase.

Maybe you know a real estate agent who has clients looking to buy in the Severn area. Tell that agent about this house. If he or she brings a client in that buys the house, you STILL get the $500. Just make sure that agent says… “My friend LuckyGirl told me about the house.” Or something like that.

In other words, we won’t know you shared this news with the buyer unless someone tells us.

Have you shared yet? What are you waiting for?

E-mail everyone you know a link to my house blog:

Have a blog of your own? Feel free to blog about it.

Share my e-mail address:

Send folks right to THE LISTING document.

Share the link on Facebook. Do whatever you like. We just want to get the word out. Just remind everyone you share with to let us know they heard about the house from you.

And really, we’d be tickled to give you five hundred dollars in cold, hard cash.

So please start sharing today.