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Rocky Mountain National Park, Day 2

Despite having both of  our windshields covered with frost in the morning, yesterday turned out to be quite a nice day.

Brilliant Blue Sky

The shot above was taken at an overlook that was above treeline (11,700 or so feet). The views were pretty nice.

The High Road

Since it’s a holiday weekend, the park is pretty crowded. We need to leave a bit earlier tomorrow to get to the trailhead before the parking lot fills.

Mike and Shannon

Annelies and Kathy

L-R, Kathy, Shannon, Mike, Yves, and Annelies

I really like that group shot. I got lots of great images, but for some reason, this fisherman image I shot at Sprague Lake is one of my favorite landscape photos of the day.

Fisherman at Sprague Lake

Hopefully, today’s weather will be just as nice.

1 Comment

  1. September 5, 2011    

    Sure looks beautiful out there.
    Glad to see your Toad getting in on the fun, too.

    The group shot is one for a frame at home 🙂

    Hope today is another great day for you!

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