A Weekend of Firsts

This was quite an eventful weekend. It started with the First Friday celebration in Warrenton. On the first Friday of every month (May to October, I think) they shut down Main Street to traffic. Many of the Main Street area merchants stay open extra late, there was a bluegrass band in front of the post office, there were street vendors, charity groups, etc. It was like a mini fair.

We were quite tickled to walk to the event. And I was thrilled to finally get a peek inside many of the cute little shops that line or are close to Main Street.

Then we had our first visitors on Saturday. (I know the lighting is horrible. My Mom was tired so I didn’t want to make everyone move.)

First Group Photo at New House

We are nowhere near being unpacked and settled. Two of the bathrooms, the family room, kitchen, master bedroom, and guest bedroom are in decent shape. There’s nothing on the walls yet, but there are no boxes scattered around and those rooms have been cleaned.

I’ve got lots more cleaning to do. The people that lived here before us were not the cleanest folks…

Anyway, as I was saying, we had our first visitors. My parents and Hubby’s Mom live close to each other. And they actually like each other, too. So they all drove down together for a visit. Even though the house isn’t exactly presentable yet, they were anxious to see where we’d moved. They were curious about the house AND about the area. None of them had ever been to Warrenton either.

Before they arrived, I did something I’d been wanting to do for months. I walked to the bakery and the farmers’ market.

Neighborhood Bakery

That may not sound like a big deal to some of you, but it is to me. I’ve been living in suburbia since 1993. Where you can’t safely walk to anything. You’re lucky if you have sidewalks in your neighborhood. Main streets with sidewalks are very rare.

I got some blondies, muffins, and a scone at the bakery. Since we haven’t been doing much cooking yet, all I got at the farmers’ market were some fresh flowers.

First Farmers' Market Purchase

Again, that may not sound super-exciting, but it made me happy. What made me even happier was seeing the parents when I got back to the house. They’d arrived a bit quicker than anticipated. We thought the drive would take them about 3 hours, but it only took 2.5 hours. An easy day trip.

Overgrown Flower Beds

Since today was such a pretty day (mid to upper 70s), I decided to spend it outdoors tidying up the flower beds and scrubbing the front porch. Remember I said the previous owners weren’t the neatest people? Apparently they weren’t very good gardeners either.

Dirty Porch

I also made my first trip to the nursery for some mums, pansies, and pumpkins.

Neater Flower Beds

As is the case with a lot of stuff at this house, the closer you look, the more things you see wrong. We haven’t noticed anything major yet, except for the dirt. These people were slobs! Cleaning takes about three times longer than it should because I really have to scrub.

The flower beds were the same way. What I thought would be some minor cutting back turned into a major trim and weed-pulling adventure. I never did get the pansies planted. But see how cute my flowers and pumpkins look?

Fall Flowers

Now that the parents have seen the place, I can share pictures. I LOVE our front porch. Here it is from a different angle.

Our Front Yard

Rounding out our weekend of firsts is this first group of house pictures.

There’s so much more to show and tell you about. Like this funky little table…

A Recently Acquired Treasure

My friend Tracey would call this table a treasure. I was thinking I’d paint it. And maybe remove those furniture nails around the edges. But the more I see it, the more I think I like it just the way it is.

7 Replies to “A Weekend of Firsts”

  1. Oh my, I have SO much to say in response! a) Love the picture of you guys and your parents on the porch – even more so because of the lighting, actually. b) I’m extremely jealous that you can walk to a bakery and farmer’s market. We’ve swapped and now you guys are living in a city (ok, ok, a small town) and I’m living in suburbia. Ugh. c) Love the fresh hot bread picture. Mmmmm, fresh hot bread…. d) The mums and pumpkins look great!

    I can’t wait to see your new house one day! (And to see you and Dad and everyone else, too, of course.)

  2. Morning Friend!
    I just love your new treasure and especially your new HOME!
    So happy for you.
    The pumpkins and mums are so pretty too.
    Happy Fall!

  3. Well if that isn’t a perfect front porch, I don’t know what is. I hope you happily sip many glasses of lemonade there 🙂

    The table is very cute. I especially love the knob on the drawer. My gram had doorknobs throughout her house like that. <3

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